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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Message from the Department Chair



September 12, 2018: Dr Vey has been awarded a NIH SCORE SC3 grant for her proposed work, titled "Mechanistic studies to enable rational design of Class D monooxygenases". The grant is worth $300,000 in direct costs over four years.  Congratulations Dr Vey - this is very exciting news for your research group!

September 1, 2018: Dr Andersen is corresponding author on a new research paper he has published with his Danish and Norwegian collaborators. The article, titled "Atmospheric chemistry of n-CH3(CH2)xCN (x = 0–3): Kinetics and mechanisms" can be found in the International Journal of Chemical Kinetics. (The figure shown above is an excerpt of the IR absorbance data from UV irradiation converting CH3CH2CN to primarily CH3C(O)CN).

August 14, 2018: Congratulations to Dr Paula Fischhaber, who has been awarded a NIH SCORE SC1 grant! The award, titled "SLX4 in Nuclease Recruitment" is worth $1 million in direct costs over four years, and is aimed at increasing our understanding of the mechanism of regulation of Double-Strand Break Repair pathways that protect against cancer and aging. This is huge news for the department and very exciting for Paula and her research students!

July 11, 2018:  Dr. Joseph Teprovich has received a 2018-2019 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Award from CSUN for a project titled “Development of safe and high energy density all solid-state lithium ion batteries”.  The $5,000 award will fund research and enable students to gain hands on experience in the synthesis, characterization, and evaluation of the materials utilized in this emerging class of energy storage devices. Congratulations, Joe!

July 11, 2018: Dr. Li Ye has been awarded a 2018-2019 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Award from CSUN. The award, worth $5,000, will fund research into the evaluation of learner-centered assessments on student learning and academic achievement in chemistry. This provides valuable seed funds for obtaining preliminary data in advance of seeking larger extramural grant.  Congratulations, Li!

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