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Master of Public Health

Announcement: Requesting 3rd Party Comments for Re-Accreditation!

The CSUN Public Health Program is currently seeking re-accreditation from the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH). The CSUN accreditation review site visit is scheduled for November 5-6, 2018. As such, CEPH is accepting written comments until 30 days before this site visit. Comments from students, alumni, preceptors, or community advisory board members are welcome and due no later than October 6, 2018! Please send all comments directly to CEPH via email. Megan Sisto ( or mail them to: 1010 Wayne Avenue, Suite 220, Silver Spring, MD 20910. A preliminary draft of the CSUN self-study report is available upon request


Applications for the Fall 2018 MPH Program are now closed!

The Program

Welcome to the Master of Public Health (MPH) Degree Program. The California State University, Northridge offers an MPH in Community Health Education and Applied Epidemiology (new for Fall 2016!). The MPH Program is one of many accredited programs at California State University, Northridge. The MPH Program is located within the Department of Health Sciences which includes academic programs in the following specific health fields: Health Administration, Public Health, and Radiologic Technology.

It is the mission of the Department of Health Sciences to enable students to develop the critical knowledge and skills required to assume professional responsibility and leadership in health promotion, disease prevention, administration and clinical practice in a variety of health-care settings. Health Sciences faculty are committed to student- centered learning, scholarship and service.

Program Mission

The mission of the MPH Program in Community Health Education is to prepare professional community health educators to enhance the general health and wellbeing of diverse human populations and communities. The Program believes that through public health education, practice and scholarship, the student will develop multidisciplinary skills to identify and assess the needs of the communities; plan, implement and evaluate programs to address these needs; and achieve good health and quality of life in the multicultural communities they serve. The program is designed to enable health educators to meet the increasing responsibilities of leadership, supervision, administration and consultation in professional health education practice.

The mission of the MPH Program in Applied Epidemiology is to prepare professional public health epidemiologists with the necessary problem-solving, critical-thinking and technological skills that will allow them to assess, implement and evaluate programs in diverse human popula-tions and communities. Students will be trained to describe how epidemiologic evidence informs public health practice, design epidemiologic studies, identify risk factors, collect and analyze data using appropriate methodologies, use statistical software and evaluate the strengths and limitations of epidemiologic investigations and incorporate into study interpretations and implications.


To achieve these missions, the MPH Program adheres to the following values;

Commitment to Scholarship and Learning

We honor scholarship in all of its aspects: Artistic, cultural, scientific, and applied. We support professional development and training for faculty, staff, and administrators and encourage intellectual curiosity in ourselves and our students.

Commitment to Excellence

The quality of our academic program is central to our educational mission. We set high standards for ourselves in all of our actions and activities; assess our performance; and reward both individual and group contributions to the fulfillment of the University's mission.

Respect for All People

Our behaviors, policies and programs affirm the worth and personal dignity of every member of the University community and contribute to a campus climate of civility, collegiality, trust, and reasoned debate. We take pride in the diversity of our community.

Alliances with the Community

We seek genuine partnerships with local schools, business, government, and social agencies in order to serve the intellectual, artistic, cultural, and economic needs of our surrounding communities. After more than twenty-five years of serving the greater Los Angeles community, the graduates of the MPH program are active in building and maintaining bridges between the general community and the professional health community.

Encouragement of Innovation, Experimentation, and Creativity

We value idealism, innovation and creativity and regularly reexamine our programs and practices so that every area of University life will be continually improved and renewed.