Internship Courses

SOC 475AEE and SOC 475BEE

SOC 475AEE and SOC 475BEE are taken concurrently. Required of all Sociology Option III (Social Welfare & Social Justice) majors. Pre-enrollment by specific date during the preceding semester is required. This course provides an opportunity for students to apply social work theories to practice, to advocate for social justice, and to gain experience in an agency setting. The student is provided the opportunity to develop anti-oppressive practice skills needed for working with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities in a selected social service agency with field and faculty supervision. Student-interns will complete 120 hours field placement. (Credit/No Credit Only).

SOC 482

Supervised field experience in counseling and guidance activities, paraprofessional work settings.  Community field placements consistent with student career needs.


This course will provide students applied research experience either in a criminal justice-related agency or with crime data.  The course will focus on the practice of research in the field of criminology, the development and writing of empirical research papers, and content related to the specific agency or data project to which students are assigned.  Content will vary between course offerings.

Arthur Aragon • Edward Babayan• Joshua Cruz • Kiarra Fernandez • Samanta Jacquin Nancy Palacois • Hrag Pandazos • Angie Rittenberry • Cindy Sanchez Judith Segovia • Mily Sharko • Ana Torres