Institute for Sustainability 2020

  • Pollinator Pocket

CSUN "Green Up" Pollinator Pocket Project

To address declining habitats of North American pollinators, CSUN seeks to convert underutilized, neglected corners of the city into safe havens for bees, hummingbirds, and other pollinators that are critical to growing the region’s food supply. These areas, dubbed “pollinator pockets,” will include plants and beehives to attract pollinators and will be built in unused and vacant lots. These locations throughout the city will help support the populations of pollinators - animals or insects, including hummingbirds and honeybees, that travel from one plant to another and transfer the pollen that helps plants reproduce. CSUN seeks to be the lead agency covering the northwest section of Greenways to Rivers Arterial Stormwater System Plan (GRASS), which has identified three overlapping networks covering 465 miles: coastal, urban, and Valley/Mountains. Working with partners from the other two sections, CSUN will spearhead research efforts, community projects, and programming oversight. See Pocketful of Pollen: CSUN Partners With Community on Havens for Pollinators for recent updates.