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AURA SYSTEMS INC : Change in Directors or Principal Officers (form 8-K)

Ms. Cipora Lavut, 63, was one of Aura's original founding members. From 1987 to 2002 Ms. Lavut served on Aura's Board and as a Senior Vice President. During this period, Ms. Lavut was instrumental to Aura receiving large contracts from the Boeing Company, Litton Industries and the United States Air Force. Ms. Lavut also provided critical investor relations and marketing support during this time. Ms. Lavut left Aura in 2002. At the request of Aura's then Board of Directors and management, in 2006 Ms. Lavut returned to Aura as Vice President in charge of investors relations and corporate communication. In January 2016, Ms. Lavut left the Company to pursue other business ventures. Ms. Lavut presently provides marketing and business consulting to a variety of retail and service-oriented businesses. Ms. Lavut holds a degree in marketing from California State University, Northridge.

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