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Welcome to our future alumni! You're part of the next generation of CSUN leaders. To make sure you get a great start, the Alumni Association provides many opportunities for you to meet alumni before you graduate through our online networks and mentoring programs or by joining the Alumni Link. We also fund dozens of scholarships to make it easier for CSUN students to get an education.

Join Alumni LINK

Alumni LINK will serve CSUN students who show leadership potential in their field of study or club/organization and are seeking knowledge and opportunities that will contribute to their professional development. LINK will connect student leaders with resources and materials needed to become a highly qualified candidate in today’s job market. Aimed towards juniors and seniors, the Alumni Association will make learning opportunities easily accessible online, with a focus on webinars, tip sheets, and feedback on Linkedin profiles and resumes. Apply Here!

Dinner with 7 Matadors

The Dinner with 7 Matadors program brings together CSUN alumni with current CSUN students in a relaxed setting outside of campus while sharing a meal. Dinner with 7 Matadors is an opportunity for students to share their experiences at CSUN and learn more about their host’s journey as an alumnus and what happens after graduation. It also gives everyone a chance to expand their social circle by meeting new people. By the end of the evening, 7 virtual strangers become 7 new friends. Find out more!

Apply for a Scholarship

Alumni Association scholarships are made possible through the generosity of alumni who believe in investing in the future of students. The Alumni Association currently provides scholarships to current CSUN students in multiple categories and criteria. How to apply.

Corporate Connect Program

Network with Fortune 500 companies in the greater Los Angeles area and learn more about the corporate world and your professional development path. Click here for more info!

Find a Mentor

The Matador Network is an online mentoring program matching CSUN students and recent graduates with seasoned CSUN alumni and industry professionals. Mentors can provide valuable career guidance, business and industry expertise and share their personal experiences to help Matadors prepare for their future success.