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Alumni Career Services


Our commitment to your success doesn't end at graduation. Whether you're a recent graduate or an experienced professional, the Alumni Association has a few resources to help you along your career path:

Connect with us on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn 101: Using LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job

Learn how to establish, maintain and leverage your LinkedIn profile so that you can build your professional network. Understand how LinkedIn content differs from your traditional resume, and gain insight on how to connect with CSUN alumni and other strategic contacts.

Corporate Connect

CSUN Alumni's Corporate Connect program ribbon

CSUN Alumni's Corporate Connect program was recently awarded a CASE District VII Gold Award in New Program Initiatives for creating a unique opportunity for CSUN students to explore new and different places to work. The program opens up a range of hands-on opportunities for students to observe the dynamic of the corporate world, work closely with potential employers, consider different industries, and engage one-on-one with alumni mentors. Click here to find out how to become a corporate host or to attend an event as a student.

Alumni Panels and Webinars

Check out upcoming workshops and career fairs, as well as previously recorded professional development programs and webinars designed to help you advance your career. Learn more here

Introducing Portfolium!

We are proud to announce the launch of CSUN’s digital portfolio and career readiness network, Portfolium.
Portfolium is an exciting online tool that gives CSUN alumni like yourself, an opportunity to showcase your on-campus and post-graduate work and accomplishments. With this new method of professional networking, you can enhance your resume and online presence by building a strong, long-lasting portfolio to take with you on your professional journey.
Learn more and get started today.


The Alumni Association is actively working to build a community of Matadors who will help other Matadors get where they want to go. Connect with others and start networking today by browsing the content here.

Job Search Tool Kit

Our partnership with the CSUN Career Center along with advice from our own successful alumni provides you with access to a wide array of professional and personal enrichment resources, planning guides and webinars. To learn about the job search process from resumes to accepting job offers, to webinars and more, browse the following resources below. Read more

Job Boards

Gain access to online resources and job postings targeting CSUN alumni.