The University Corporation - Facilities and Locations

Auditoriums and Classrooms

CSUN offers a variety of rooms to the public, including: classrooms, auditoriums, conference rooms and computer labs.

  • Standard classrooms at CSUN hold 10 to 85 people. Amenities may include black boards, white boards, standard desks or free standing tables, tiered seating, overhead projectors and TV/VCR/DVD. SMART rooms (with data projectors) are available upon request.

  • Auditoriums hold 100 to 150 people. Most Auditoriums are equipped with a PA system, TV/VCR/DVD, data projectors and projection screens.

  • Conference Rooms are available in a variety of sizes and shapes that hold 5 to 25 people.

  • Computer Labs are available on campus at a rate of $450 per day. This includes access to Internet, CSUN databases, computers, and printers. A Licensing Liaison is required to supervise the entire day at $47 per hour.

* Note: Organizations requesting the use of technical equipment including TV's require a Licensing Liaison to assist in set-up and take-down of all University equipment. The fee for the Licensing Liaison is $47 per hour with a four-hour minimum.


Facilities use does not include the custodial fee, liaison fee and parking fees.

Classrooms and Auditoriums Rental Pricing


For-ProfitDayHalf Day
Classrooms (except for music rooms)$156$94
Music Rooms$500$250
Computer/Science Labs$450$168
Conference Room$150-$200$100-$120
Lecture Hall$430$258
Lecture Hall (Kurland)$860$525


Non-ProfitDayHalf Day
Classrooms (except for music rooms)$125$75
Music Rooms$200$100
Computer/Science Labs$225$128
Conference Room$125-$156$75-$95
Lecture Hall$344$206
Lecture Hall (Kurland)$688$412

Contact Information

CSUN faculty, hosting events that involve outside organizations

Please contact the Licensing Office at (818) 677-2744/-2628.

Community organizations and private individuals

Please contact the Licensing Office at (818) 677-2744/-2628.

Events involving exclusively CSUN faculty, staff or students

Please contact the Matador Involvement Center at (818) 677-5111

News Events or Documentaries

Please contact the Public Relations Office at (818) 677 - 2130