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Accessible Coding Solutions


The Universal Design Center (UDC) works closely with developers at the Information Technology Department to re-designed, customized and developed accessible coding methodologies to overcome ongoing challenges in creating accessible content on the web. We've implemented the latest achievements, best practices and innovating coding methodologies to improve accessibility and usability of the web content. 

Title Attribute

Title Attribute Accessibility (DOCX), The "title" attribute along with the "aria-label" property,Word File should be used to provide additional descriptive and advisory information for the link text.

Accessible Drop-down

Accessible Drop-down Menu (DOCX) File icon An introduction to technical and analytical aspects of creating accessible Drop-down menu.

Example of an accessible Drop-down menu.

Accessible Accordion

In collaboration with IT Web Development Services:

Accessible Accordion (DOCX) Word File An introduction to a coding methodology composed of two techniques that are used to overcome challenges in developing an accessible accordion.

Accessible User Interface Elements

UDC has been building accessible user interface elements that would increase both usability and accessibility. Following are examples of elements and modules that have been coded with accessibility in mind and are available at UDC Custom Elements page. 

Items included in this release:

  • Link Text-Boxes
  • Jump Back
  • Interactive Checklist 
  • Pop-Up window (lightbox)
  • Toggle Show/Hide