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California State University, Northridge
Michael D. Eisner College of Education, Teaching, Learning, Counseling Consortium
18111 Nordhoff Street, Room EA 111
Northridge, CA 91330-8265
(818) 677-6854 V/VP
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Rachel Friedman

Rachel Friedman Narr
Ph.D.- DEAF Project Professor, Special Education/Deaf Education

Rachel has 30 years of experience working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and their families. Her passions include teacher preparation, outreach to families with deaf and hard of hearing children, and research. She has learned many things from families raising DHH children, but one big thing is that the connections parents make with other parents are critical in their journeys. DEAF Project is committed to making spaces for these connections.

Irma Sanchez

Irma Sanchez (Español, English, and ASL)
Parent Mentor

Irma has been a Parent Mentor with DEAF Project since 2009. Irma has been supporting other families since the beginning, even as she was learning to navigate the Deaf Education system for her own sons. She and her husband, Miguel, have 3 Deaf boys who have already graduated from high school. Irma is the Founder of Deaf Latinos y Familias Organization.

cynthia Lemus

Cynthia Lemus-Ramos (Español, English, ASL)
Parent Mentor

Cynthia joined the DEAF Project team in 2012. Cynthia and her husband Max are parents of 3 children, 2 teenage daughters with typical hearing and a Deaf teenage son. If Cynthia could give any advice, it would be to let parents know that they are not alone, and although it might be a rocky journey at times, it’s a beautiful one.

Griselle Ramirez

Griselle Ramirez (Español, English, ASL)
Parent Mentor

Griselle is the newest member of the DEAF Program team, employed in Summer 2018. Griselle was introduced to the world of hearing loss with the birth of her son Joey. He was diagnosed at birth with a bilateral moderate to severe hearing loss. One year later, he was also found to have a bilateral ear tube dysfunction that occasionally causes his hearing loss to become severe to profound. Joey benefits from hearing aids and ASL. Griselle has become an advocate for her son and has educated herself with completing the ASL program at Palomar College as well as courses in Deaf Studies. Griselle will be transferring to CSU to pursue her B.A. in Communications and eventually obtain her Masters in International Affairs. Griselle also enjoys spending time with outside and extra-curricular activities with her 3 children, Julian, Joey, and Jasmine. Attending Deaf and Hard of Hearing Family Camps has become an annual tradition. During her free time, Griselle enjoys reading a good book, exercising, cooking, and eating a good guacamole.