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Dodgers: Your Los Angeles Dodgers Run-In’s and Fan Stories, Part Two

In 1995 I attended a baseball camp at CSUN. These youth camps always got some player to “sponsor” the camp. “Sponsor” meant drop by on the last day, take pics with the kids, and leave. At the last day of the camp, a car pulls up, and Tim Wallach gets out. I remember him talking on one of those big mid-90s cell phones. I was the first to get to meet him and take a picture out of the group. I was young, and awkward, and didn’t know how to begin the interaction. So I hugged him – for much longer than was comfortable. He stood there tense and weird. 20 years later when he joined the Dodgers coaching staff, I was on a stadium tour before a game. We went down the elevator to the same hallway players go to to get to the club house. As we get off the elevator, there stood Wallach. He gave me this look… like he kind of recognized me but wasn’t sure from where… I didn’t have the audacity to tell him that “I was the fat kid at that CSUN camp that hugged you 20 years ago”… because chances are he would have just said “What?” … but what if he said “Holy shit, that was you?”

--Dodgers Nation

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