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  • Real Food Challenge

What is Real Food?

Real Food is foods that are categorized as one of the following:

  • Local and Community Based
  • Fair Trade
  • Ecologically Sound
  • Humane


What is the Real Food Challenge?

The Real Food Challenge is a national student movement advocating for a sustainable food system. The objective is to increase the level of food at university eateries that are categorized as Real Food

Schools who sign onto the Real Food Commitment pledge to shift 20% of all food spending to Real Food sources by 2020.

What is the Real Food Calculator?

  • The Real Food Calculator is an assessment tool used by student participants to identify campus food purchases based on the four Real Food standards.
  • Associated Students and The University Corporation invited students to be part of the Real Food Challenge! Contact Karina Ward to be part of the Real Food Calculator team or to receive more information on how to be involved or updated on CSUN's Real Food Challenge.

Meet the Real Food Challenge Calculator Team

The Real Food Challenge Calculator student team are responsible for reviewing ingredients, contacting vendors, studying food labels, and determining which foods can be considered “Real Food”. 

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