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Eco-Friendly PUCCs (Plates, Utensils, Cups, and Containers)

Another important initiative of The University Corporation's Sustainability 2.0 is replacing CSUN Dining facilities' PUCCs (plates, utensils, cups, and containers) with those that are eco-friendly and sustainable. TUC has searched far and wide to provide CSUN students, faculty, and staff dining containers and utensils that offers functionality and yet environmentally friendly.

For example, during the fall semester CSUN Dining units transitioned to using compostable cutlery made from plant starch, biodegradable plates and to-go boxes and napkins made from recycled products. The Freudian Sip cafes switched to using eco-friendly wooden stir sticks and unbleached paper bags for baked goods.


In March 2015, The University Corporation celebrated another milestone in its PUCCs initiative -- eco-friendly cups are now available at all campus dining locations! The new compostable coffee cups at Freudian Sip are made from recycled materials, lined with plant resin, and double-walled so an extra paper sleeve is not necessary. Also introduced at Freudian Sip are affordable, reusable coffee cups made by Sustain priced at $3.00 each. Every time a Freudian Sip customer purchases a drink using their reusable cup they will receive a $0.30 discount. In regards to the clear cold cups, these cups have been replaced with those made from a plant resin and compostable. The University Corporation also replaced the old Pepsi fountain beverage cups with new Pepsi cups made with at least 50% renewable resources, coated with a paraffin wax instead of a petroleum lining and compostable in a commercial composting facility. CSUN is one of the two universities in Southern California that have transitioned into using these new Pepsi eco-friendly cups.

Sustainable Subway

Another noteworthy change is in an effort to reduce the amount of plastic used on campus, CSUN's Subway restaurant is the only Subway that has switched from using the traditional Subway branded plastic bags to the new Subway paper bags.

Eco-Conscious Communication

To communicate all the wonderful changes The University Corporation has implemented, signage like the ones above can be found on napkin holders and on fountain beverage machines at campus dining facilities.

The University Corporation understands the importance of social responsibility and therefore continues to make every effort towards implementing business practices that promote sustainability.