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AI Boosts Personalized Learning in Higher Education

December 1, 2017

A cartoon of a man reading a book alongside a computer.

Photo Credit: EdTech Magazine

"Personalized learning, which tailors educational content to the unique needs of individual students, has become a huge component of K–12 education. A growing number of college educators are embracing the trend, taking advantage of data analytics and artificial intelligence to deliver just-right, just-in-time learning to their students.

Data-driven insights are becoming integral to business and financial decision-making by institutional leaders, and educators are quickly finding ways to leverage analytics to increase student retention. Applying data analytics to adaptive learning programs is proving to be another smart application. In adaptive learning, educators collect data on various aspects of student performance — from engagement with course content to exam performance — and tailor material to each student’s knowledge level and ideal learning style.

Oregon State University is using data to personalize the delivery of eight courses with historically high attrition rates. The goal? Be proactive in giving students the help they need before they fall behind. The courses, in disciplines such as algebra, psychology and chemistry, typically have large enrollments that make it difficult for an instructor to provide one-on-one help in the classroom. But data-powered insights from adaptive courseware can show faculty where most students are struggling, so they can dedicate more instructional time to those areas."

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