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CSUN’s Black House re-opening

November 17, 2017

CSUN VIPs cutting ribbon at the Black House Re-Opening.Students, faculty, and visitors gathered to the north side of campus on Halsted St. for the grand re-opening of the CSUN Black House. Visitors gathered at the cream-colored house before the event began at 4 p.m. to talk among themselves, take photos and have refreshments.

“This is a remarkable moment in time at Cal State University, Northridge,” said Dr. William Watkins, Vice President of Student Affairs, to the crowd at the start of the event. “When we opened the last Black House, the diversity was not what I’m seeing here today. Either by virtue of ethnic group, level of position or relationship to the campus. We have faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community all here celebrating the reopening of the black house.”

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, more than 50 attendees walked through the doors of the new facility to explore the artwork displayed throughout the house and the rooms available to students and organizations on campus. The visitors were treated with food such as finger foods like dumplings, mini burgers and chicken croissants. In addition, the beverages offered were water and apple cider.

As more people arrived at the event, the house became more crowded as people could barely move around through the facility. More than 70 attendees walked throughout the house, exploring the rooms, conversing with others and looking at the art posted on the walls.

“I think it’s pretty badass because you don’t see things like this all the time,” said Morgan Cognata, 18, Anthropology major. “I really enjoyed the picture that said ‘White Supremacy hates me’ and it’s made of hair.”

Inside, people explored the main room for hangouts, a reservation room for meetings, a study room for groups, a computer lab, a kitchen, a screening room that will serve as a study room when not in use, a library filled with books from the Africana Studies department, as well as material from disciplines throughout the campus, the Black House coordinator’s office and the Black Student Union (BSU) executive headquarters.

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