David Nazarian College of Business and Economics

Distinguished Alumni Awards Honorees

Harvey Bookstein

2009 Honorees

1970 Bachelor of Science, Business Administration   One of California's most respected Accountants
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Brad Bowlus

2007 Honorees

1978 Bachelor of Science, Accounting

President and Chief Executive Officer at PacifiCare Health Plan Division

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Grant Ashley

2006 Honorees

Bachelor of Science, Accounting, 1978

Former Executive Assistant Director of Law Enforcement Services for the FBI

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Larry Feldman

2005 Honorees

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, 1966

Distinguished Trial Lawyer

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Vincent Barabba

2003 Honorees

Bachelor of Science, Marketing, 1962

Former Head of Strategic Decision Center, General Motors

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Charles Noski

2002 Honorees

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, 1973 Masters of Science, Accounting, 1995

Retired Chair at AT&T

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Stephen Crossland

1989 Honorees

Bachelor of Science, Business, 1967 Masters of Science, Business, 1970

President and CEO of International Collegiate Enterprises

Frank St. Denis

1988 Honorees

​Bachelor of Science, Business, 1958

John Golisch

1985 Honorees

​Bachelor of Science, Business, 1972

Co-Owner of Arthur Anderson and Company