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reQall’s CEO on ‘reqallable in-car to help reduce distracted driving’ R

Rao Machiraju is an Indian American Scientist and holds 10 patents in information retrieval. He has an interdisciplinary educational background: Masters in Public Health (M.P.H. from California State University, Northridge), General Systems and Information Networks (Certificate from United Nations Institute for Training and Research, University of Stockholm and UCLA), and Ed.D in Instructional Technology (Doctorate from University of Southern California).Rao worked on a number of research and development efforts in information retrieval, organizational memory, wrote a number of articles and also lectured extensively. In 1996, the term “location sense” was coined by Rao Machiraju to refer to a capability of a device that can ascertain its location. Rao was also on the editorial boards of Journal of Expert Systems and Journal of Telematics and Informatics as a Founding member. He was also on the Board of Councilors of National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center on Multi-Media Computing in (Integrated Media Systems Center) at the University of Southern California, and serves on the Advisory Board of, an MIT Medialab spin off.

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