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Karla Klarin: CSU Northridge Art Gallery, Northridge, California

Frank Lloyd Wright is credited with saying: “Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.” Wright was addressing the city’s strongest characteristic, its ability to absorb all trends, styles, traditions, and influences. The growth of L.A. from a Mexican pueblo to a major metropolitan center defies a simple description. Yet L.A. is now the most diverse city in the nation, an astonishing feat for a city that is often reduced to a stereotypical image of the Hollywood sign. Karla Klarin grew up in the San Fernando Valley and decided to remain in Los Angeles after short stints in San Francisco and Italy. The absence of a center and the many banal aspects of L.A. not only inspired her, but she thrived off this and found it to be encouraging as a young artist. This is an enthusiasm that has carried her for close to four decades, and is now the subject of a career survey.

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