Economic Impact

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    CSUN Economic and Social Impact Study

Social Impact Analysis


As an institution of higher learning, CSUN has an impact on the community that reaches far beyond the economic activity generated by its day-to-day operations. The second part of this analysis focuses on the social benefits derived from the University’s presence. For students, more than any other factor, the greatest benefits are the knowledge, skills, training, and credentials CSUN provides. Both in and out of the classroom, CSUN gives students life opportunities, preparing them for employment with challenging coursework, exposing them to groundbreaking research and ideas, and providing them with guidance through top-shelf career-development services.

The Northridge area surrounding CSUN also receives a major social benefit from the University’s presence. The area boasts a higher-than-average education level than many communities in Southern California, due in part to the Ph.D.-level employees and faculty who live in the area, but also because the University attracts companies that employ highly skilled workers. These companies are drawn to the Northridge community as a means of tapping into CSUN’s vast network of resources and young talent. Additionally, with a highly diverse student body and a wide array of artistic, literary, and intellectual offerings, the University serves as a conduit for broadening cultural horizons in the community. CSUN students, faculty, and community at large represent a vast range of backgrounds and cultures, adding additional diversity and perspective to the already multicultural Los Angeles area.