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CSUN’s D.C. Internship Program Opens New Doors, Even to the White House

March 2, 2016

CSUN Student Abdiel LewisNot many students get the chance to meet the president of the United States. In Abdiel Lewis’ case, it was part of her internship to attend President Obama’s final State of the Union address where, for a moment, she stood just inches from the president.

“It was an amazing moment for me to be in the presence of such a powerful yet humble man,” said the California State University, Northridge political science student. “My mom was really upset that I didn’t take a selfie with him.”

Lewis, a junior, is one of 19 CSUN students participating in this spring’s D.C. Internship Program. She hopes to become a lawyer and serves as an intern for minority leader Nancy Pelosi in the Capitol’s Democratic cloakroom. At the Capitol, Lewis is gaining hands-on experience, learning about House floor procedures and providing support services to members of Congress.

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