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July 27-30, 2020  Your summer home for intensive professional development

NCOD Summer Institute History

The NCOD Summer Institute is an annual week-long program for interpreter professional development.  Established in 2007, it provides intensive educational enrichment for Interpreters in the areas of skills development, ethics training, certification preparation and interpreting practice.  The summer session break affords an opportunity for in-depth topic coverage as well as collegial networking.   An extensive knowledge base is required for interpreters to process an immense scope of general information in addition to honoring the complexities and subtleties of human communication.  Therefore, the Summer Institute continually provides the working interpreter opportunities to broaden that scope of general knowledge throughout a career.

The Summer Institute recognizes and maintains association with the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), and therefore provides Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for all programs.

The Summer Institute utilizes the expertise of recognized leaders in the field of interpreting as well as emerging professionals to teach/ facilitate all workshops.  Sessions utilize a combination of lecture, presentation graphics, breakout groups, hands-on practice, media, and handouts with the objective of knowledge enhancement, idea sharing and peer support.

Sessions are open to interpreters at all levels of professional achievement, from Interpreter Education Program (IEP) students, to seasoned, certified, degreed practitioners.  Attendees come from all over the United States.

Summer Institute takes place yearly, during the last week of July.  Current and future course information may be obtained on the NCOD website.

Call for Presenters for SI 2020 - July 27-30, 2020

We are looking for presenters for Summer Institute 2020!  The dates are July 27 – 30, 2020. 

NCOD is committed to offering fresh and exciting professional development opportunities for interpreters and interpreting students throughout Southern California and beyond.  NCOD also promotes participation in leadership opportunities to advance the profession and to improve services.  As a presenter, you can be a vital part of that effort.

We encourage proposals for all skill levels. Presentations are sought on all topics related to the field, such as:

  • Legal
  • Working with CDI/DI
  • Power, Privilege, Oppression
  • Working with members of the LGBTQ community
  • Religious interpreting
  • Performance interpreting
  • Educational interpreting
  • Working with Deaf professionals
  • Ethics and professionalism
  • Self-care
  • Professional financial health

Presentations should be amenable to large groups (up to 100 participants) and must be three hours in length.  You will be able to choose a 9:30 am – 12:30 pm or 1:30 - 4:30 pm workshop time slot. 

NCOD also supports and encourages presenters who are interested in presenting for the first time. If you know someone you think would be a great presenter, please pass this along.  Presenters are compensated a flat, three-hour presenter rate and will have to complete the required RID CEU paperwork that will be provided.  

To be considered, please submit the following information to Shawn Clark via by January 17, 2020

1.  Your full name, credentials, and city/state.

2.  Tentative workshop title. 

3.  One short paragraph describing your workshop.  

4.  Two references.

Things to know:

- Single Presenters will be paid $300.

- Two Presenters co-presenting will be paid $200 each for a total of $400. 

- Presenters traveling more than 50 miles round trip to CSUN will be reimbursed mileage at the CSU rate.

- Out of state Presenters will be reimbursed travel expenses up to $600 and provided up to 2 nights’ accommodations. 

- The Summer Institute will be an ASL immersive environment. It is expected that workshops will be presented in ASL in keeping with the RID motion favoring ASL as the official language of conferences.  Workshops should be presented in English only if the workshop topic mandates.

**Remember, the deadline to submit is January 17, 2020.**

If you have any questions, please contact Shawn Clark at or (818) 677-2054.   Thank you in advance and we look forward to hearing from you.  

Summer Institute 2020 Registration Link & Logistics

We are looking forward to seeing you at our 13th Annual NCOD Summer Institute 2020!  This section will provide you with the link to register, and all of the logistical information you will need to have a pleasant week with us.  Monday July 27, 2020 – Thursday, July 30, 2020.  There are no Friday workshops.  No refunds unless the workshop is canceled due to low enrollment or unforeseen circumstances.

SI 2020 Flyer coming soon!

Registration link coming soon with updated registration instructions!

How to register in 3 easy steps:

  1. Pre-Registration is will open MARCH 2020.  Please check back here for the link to register/pay.
  2.  Choose either the Professionals page or the Student page, depending on your status. 
  3.  You then have two options for registering for your workshops: choose ALL workshops for $250 and save $30, or choose the A LA CARTE option for $35 per workshop without a savings.

Any registration questions should be directed to

Interpreting/captioning services are available upon request.  Requests must be submitted at least seven (7) working days in advance. All other accommodation requests must be submitted ten (10) working days in advance. Please email

Workshop Listing and Presenter Bios

Please click on each date bar below this section to read the full workshop descriptions, as well as the presenter bios.


CSUN Oviatt Library, Jack and Florence Ferman Presentation Room. The Oviatt Library is located in the very center of campus and is marked OV on the campus map:


**For morning workshops only: When you are facing the bank of glass doors of the Oviatt Library, please enter through the last double doors on your right.  There will also be a Greeter there.  

**For afternoon workshops: You may use any of the glass doors of the Oviatt Library to enter.  

Access the Presentation Room by entering the Oviatt Library’s main entrance and follow the “Ferman Presentation Room” signs.

If you need an elevator to access the room, you can take the elevator near the restrooms in the west wing from the main floor to the basement level, then proceed to the Ferman Presentation Room.


Unfortunately, CSUN Guest Housing is FULL.

Area Hotels & Visitor Information


Parking on campus is enforced 24/7.  We suggest that you enter the campus from Reseda Blvd and Prairie Street.  Please park in the B3 parking structure, as it is closest to the Oviatt Library. 


Rates: $11.50 for the whole week (best deal if attending to more than one day).  $8 per day.  $6 for 4 hours.

You can purchase your parking online BEFORE you come to campus by Purchasing Your Parking Pass (follow the instructions for daily/hourly or weekly).

If you prefer to purchase your week-long permit in person, do so at the Parking Services office located in the Police Services building on the corner of Darby Avenue and Prairie Street. Their office hours are 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday.  They will open at 8 am on Monday, July 27 just for Summer Institute participants who wish to purchase parking in person.


Check in begins at 8:30 am every day for the 9 am workshops and 1 pm for the 1:30 pm workshops at the Oviatt Library Jack and Florence Ferman Presentation Room. (Please do not go to NCOD).  Please arrive early so that we can begin our workshops promptly at 9 am and 1:30 pm. 


Angela Funke is an approved RID CMP sponsor.

Each workshop has been awarded (0.3) CEUs in the area of Professional Studies by The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf at the “Little/none” Content Knowledge Level for CMP and ACET participants.

**Please note that 3 of our workshops this year meet the new PPO CEU requirement.  If you need more information about the new PPO CEU requirement, please visit the RID website or email RID at

Partial CEUs will NOT be awarded.

RID logo             ACET logo

RID requires your physical signature and member number upon entering the workshop AND verify your electronic signature and member number at the end of the workshop.  This process has to be done for each and every workshop.  CEU documents will be sent to our CEU sponsor DAILY, so failure to comply with the above may result in you not earning your CEUs. Please be sure to enter your RID number accurately when you register, as this will be exported to the electronic signature for each workshop.  Please still bring your RID membership card with you or take a picture of it so that you do not have to rely on memory and hold up the line. 

Workshop Materials:

You will receive the PPT and Certificates of Completion for your CEUs or Proof of Attendance at the end of each workshop you attend via email.


Lunch is from 12:30 - 1:30 pm daily. No lunch is provided, however, there are several dining options on campus and within a five-minute drive from campus. 

On campus dining options

Off-campus dining options and some of our favorites

OR, bring your own and enjoy our beautiful campus. (Refrigeration is not available).  


RID requires evaluations from each workshop participant. At the END of the workshop that you attend, please complete the very brief online evaluation and collect your Certificate of Completion onsite. Below, you will find the evaluation link for each workshop. Again, please do not complete your evaluation until the END of the workshop.   Evaluation links open July 27 and close July 30, 2020.

Thank you very much for supporting Summer Institute 2020, and if you have any questions, please email

See you soon at the Jack and Florence Ferman Presentation Room in the Oviatt Library!

The NCOD Professional Development Committee:
Shawn Clark
Kevin Cikatricis
Andrew Leyva

Summer Institute Workshops for Monday July 27, 2020

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Summer Institute Workshops for Tuesday July 28, 2020

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Summer Institute Workshops for Wednesday July 29, 2020

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Summer Institute Workshops for Thursday July 30, 2020

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