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The NCOD Summer Institute is an annual week-long program for interpreter professional development.  Established in 2007, it provides intensive educational enrichment for Interpreters in the areas of skills development, ethics training, certification preparation and interpreting practice.  The summer session break affords an opportunity for in-depth topic coverage as well as collegial networking.   An extensive knowledge base is required for interpreters to process an immense scope of general information in addition to honoring the complexities and subtleties of human communication.  Therefore, the Summer Institute continually provides the working interpreter opportunities to broaden that scope of general knowledge throughout a career.

The Summer Institute recognizes and maintains association with the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), and therefore provides Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for all programs.

The Summer Institute utilizes the expertise of recognized leaders in the field of interpreting as well as emerging professionals to teach/ facilitate all workshops.  Sessions utilize a combination of lecture, presentation graphics, breakout groups, hands-on practice, media, and handouts with the objective of knowledge enhancement, idea sharing and peer support.

Sessions are open to interpreters at all levels of professional achievement, from Interpreter Education Program (IEP) students, to seasoned, certified, degreed practitioners.  Attendees come from all over the United States.

Summer Institute takes place yearly, during the last week of July.  Current and future course information may be obtained on the NCOD website.

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