Student Survey of Interpreting Services

We would appreciate your feedback on our interpreting services. Your comments are confidential.


The interpreter: (Star rating, 5 being the best)

1. Arrives on time.
2. Dresses appropriately for the assignment - solid contrasting colors. (Does not wear printed tops, dangling jewelry and bright nail polish).
3. Sets up the room to allow smooth flow of communication. (I'm able to see the professor and interpreter, adequate lighting, etc.)
4. Is open to my ideas and feedback.
5. Signs are clear and accurate.
6. Lip movements are easy to read.
7. Fingerspelling is easy to read.
8. Understands me and voices for me easily.
9. Is able to keep up and interpret the information.
10. Makes it clear who is talking.
11. Uses the correct academic vocabulary for this class.
12. Works with me to prepare for my class presentation.
13. Works well with their team interpreter.
14. Stays within the interpreter role.