Staff Directory

NCOD Administration

Cathy McLeod

Cathy McLeod, Director

Cathy McLeod is the director at NCOD: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services. Cathy has knowledge and experience in the areas of collaborative learning, group dynamics, and advocacy and access issues related to consumers who are deaf or hard of hearing. Cathy has a master’s degree in public administration from California State University, Los Angeles and a bachelor of arts degree from Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C.

Jim Macaluso

Jim Macaluso, Associate Director

Jim Macaluso is the associate director at NCOD: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services. He has 20 years of experience in vocational instruction, student development and leadership, outreach and recruitment, technology and information systems, fiscal, personnel and operations administration. Jim earned a bachelor of science degree in finance from CSUN and received an Award of Merit for his work.

Lehua Phillips, Administrative Coordinator

Coordinates NCOD's Business Office

Charles Marmo

Charles Marmo, Account Manager

Handles accounting for NCOD

Kevin Cikatricis

Kevin Cikatricis, Administrative Staff Interpreter

Provides interpreting services for the NCOD Business Office and staff

Communication Access Services

Shawn Clark

Shawn Clark, Interpreter Coordinator

Hires and supervises interpreters

Scott Selna

Scott Selna, Speech-to-Text Coordinator

Hires and supervises captionists

Gabriel Lopez

Gabriel Lopez, Dispatch and Front Desk Coordinator

Handles communication services for all classes and special requests

Jacqueline Yassaman

Jacqueline Yassaman, Dispatcher/Front Desk

Dispatches interpreters/captionists through CAS online request system

Advisement and Recruitment

Aileen Rolon

Aileen Rolon, Student Personnel Specialist

Provides academic advisement to NCOD students

Matthew Reinig

Matthew Reinig, Student Personnel Specialist

Provides academic advisement to NCOD students 

Zachary Lotane

Zachary Lotane, Student Development Specialist

Recruits and provides general advisement for prospective NCOD students

Christine Rushing

Christine Rushing, Tutor Coordinator

Coordinates Tutoring Services