Scholarship information

To apply:

  • Review the scholarship criteria
  • Write an essay for each scholarship you are applying for (see below for essay criteria)


Each essay should be tailored to the scholarship itself - please do not duplicate your essay for each scholarship!

The deadline to submit is on Friday, March 29, 2024.

Essay and Video Submission Criteria

Essay: Please limit your essay to 500 words.

Video submission: 3-6 minute video limit.

In your essay or video, please include information that relates to the scholarship criteria, such as:

  • work,
  • volunteer,
  • clubs/organization involvement,
  • internship,
  • personal, and/or
  • classroom experience.
  • You will also need to demonstrate a financial need. If you need assistance with your essay, please visit the NCOD Tutoring Center.

Video Submission - YouTube Link Instructions

1. Upload to YouTube as an "unlisted" video

  • 3-6 minute video limit
  • If you are using your voice, please correct the YouTube captions

2. Paste the YouTube link into the text field of the NCOD Scholarship application, "Scholarship Essay or Youtube Link."