Remote Services - Instructions for Faculty

Below are instructions for utilizing remote services in your class room.  Please contact if you have any questions or need assistance with remote services.  We will be happy to assist you.  

Please review our email to check if your classroom is a broadcast room or a regular room.  Review the definitions and instructions for your respective room type. 


Broadcast Room: A classroom that has technology equipment, a ceiling mic and camera.  You will create a Zoom link and start the Zoom meeting on the classroom’s computer (NOT your personal computer).  The ceiling mics are connected to the classroom computer and will pick up audio when on Zoom.

Regular Room: A regular class room that does not have technology equipment, ceiling mic or camera, installed.  The student will bring a mic to the class and use their Zoom room.

Helpful Tips & Reminders

  • Speak loudly, clearly, and at consistent pace.  The masks will make it difficult for the mics to pick up sound but do the best you can.
  • Repeat the student’s questions.  The mic may not pick up the student’s voice if they sit far from the mic, especially with masks.
  • Find a space/area where you can either stand or walk that is near the mic. 
  • Check in with the student via email or if there is time during class to see if they have questions or if they missed anything.

Broadcast Room Instructions

Preparing the broadcast for remote services requires some preparation and practice.  NCOD is here to help!

Here is webpage consisting of video guides on using a smart room with technology equipment (ceiling mics and camera). 

If you have questions about how to use the smart room or have technical issues, please contact Dominic Little,


Before the start of the semester/class:

Create a class Zoom link or meeting ID and password to use for the semester.  Email the Zoom information to and NCOD student.  

In the classroom

1. Log in Zoom on the classroom’s computer (NOT your personal laptop).

2. Start the Zoom meeting.

3. Make sure you are unmuted.

4. Check with the student if the service providers can hear you. Adjust the Ceiling Mic volume (up/down buttons) if the service providers cannot hear you.  

5. Depending on your lesson, you can minimize/hide Zoom, share screen, or turn off the projector (NOT the computer), as long as the Zoom application is still running. 

6. When class ends, end the Zoom meeting.

Repeat the steps for each class meeting.

Regular Room Instructions

The student will have one of the following mics: lapel or Snowball mic.  The student will set up their own Zoom room and connect with their service provider (interpreter or transcriber) in Zoom.  


The student will give you the lapel to wear during class.  We will train students how to set up the mic on their laptop.  There is no set-up required by you other than wearing the lapel.

Snowball Mic 

The student will set the mic near them. There is no set-up required by you.