Get Ready for Online Learning

March 22, 2020

Dear NCOD Staff, Service Providers, and Students,

We continue to update the NCOD homepage with additional resources and videos to assist in the transition from face to face to online instruction.

This link ( will take you to our page with collapsed features, including the five sections about Using Zoom, Students, Interpreters, Transcribers, and Faculty to find relevant information.

Everyone is reachable via email and Zoom as our virtual mode of communication.

  1. Helpful videos. The brief instructional videos that you see on our page will assist you while using Zoom. They were created by Aileen, Matt, and Zachary to show all of the different possible scenarios you might be faced with next week.  While you are experiencing Live Zoom next week, please feel free to email your academic advisors (students) or dispatch (interpreters and transcribers) with your Zoom tips and tricks that are working or those situations or techniques that aren’t working, so we may add those to our page for the benefit of all to see.
  2. Dispatch. Please continue to stay in touch with the dispatch via as you usually would if you are on campus. If one of your professors decides to assign independent study, for example, and not lecture via Zoom, please email dispatch immediately, so they can re-route your service provider(s) to another virtual classroom/sub assignment.  This applies to both students and service providers.
  3. Academic Advisors. If you are experiencing any difficulties with your classes/professors and or need access in accessing your online course content, please email your Academic Advisors, Aileen and Matt, so they may assist you just like they would if you were on campus facing issues with professors.

Think of it this way - ALL NCOD policies and procedures still apply in our new virtual work world.

  • DO NOT PAY FOR ZOOM. CSUN has a license with Zoom and is available to all students. Go to the CSUN home page to locate Zoom. You will enter the portal section on the left side of the home page, and the Zoom button is one of the four buttons on the right bottom side, sign in your credentials to land on the Zoom page.  

Please continue to check the CSUN home page and the NCOD home page DAILY, as well as keeping an eye on your CSUN emails for new updates. This email will be posted on the homepage for quick reference.

Please exercise patience through the transition and we all will learn together to improve the online environment. Last but not least, please get plenty of rest and stay healthy during stay home period! 


Cathy McLeod

NCOD Director

James Macaluso

Associate Director

NCOD: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

California State University, Northridge

18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, CA 91330

380-527-5501 (NCOD Virtual Office PMI) |