NCOD Supplemental Application

IMPORTANT: You must apply to CSUN by accessing Cal State Apply - - before you complete the NCOD Supplemental Application. When you receive your application number and/or ID#, please input the information below.  

Please have your audiogram ready to upload!

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If you don't have your ID number yet, you can skip this step.
Please enter in mm/dd/yyyy format.
Put in the year, i.e, 2020, that you will plan to enroll at CSUN.
If you selected "other," please describe other communication methods you use.
If you selected "other," please describe other cause of deafness or hard of hearing.
All Deaf and Hard of Hearing applicants must submit an official, updated copy of an audiogram from a certified audiologist in order for their supplemental application process to be considered. Most recent audiogram (within 5 years) is preferred, but not required, as long as a degree of hearing loss is shown.
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx.
NCOD sends periodic updates about NCOD and we will love to share our updates with your parents/guardians. You can put multiple parent's/guardian's emails - separate by comma.