• Academic Support

NCOD Advisement

NCOD works closely with deaf and hard of hearing students using their preferred mode of communication - sign language communication, speech-to-text captioning, and notetaking. Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to learn about university procedures and general education requirements.  NCOD also provides workshops to new students explaining the calculation of academic status, ways to improve study habits and time management. Direct, frequent advisement leads students to appropriate enrollment and earlier graduation.

Important Deadlines & Reminders

Early Registration: starting April 2

You can enroll in classes starting April 2.  

SAAS Requests: June 1.

All SAAS (accommodation requests) should be submitted by June1.  Please contact your NCOD advisor if you plan to register after June 1.

Added & Dropped Classes After Submitting SAAS Requests

Any time you add a new class or drop a class after submitting your SAAS requests, immediately email, so we can properly schedule accommodations for your classes or cancel services. Please note that changing your schedule may result in a delay in finding interpreting/transcribing coverage for your classes.

Step-By-Step Registration & SAAS Requests Guide

NCOD offers early registration for deaf and hard of hearing students only.

  1. Early Registration Appointment:  Check if your registration appointment is April 1 in "My Checklist" on the CSUN Portal. If you don’t have an early registration status by March 30, please notify your NCOD academic advisors as soon as possible.
  2. Clear Registration Holds: If there are any “holds” on your CSUN account, you must clear them before you can register for classes.
  3. Meet with your Major or Hub Academic Advisor to Plan Your Classes: You may be required to meet with your major or Hub academic advisor to discuss your educational plan for the upcoming semester(s).  Registration Planner allows you to quickly and easily create your preferred class schedule each semester.  Review the Registration Planner Guide if you are not sure how. 
  4. Take Classes with your DHH Peers: Why register for classes with other DHH students?  You’re likely to get the best interpreters or transcribers assigned to class; it may increase the odds of having both services in class; you will benefit from peer support. Please email an NCOD Academic Advisor for information on which classes NCOD students have enrolled in for Fall 2024.
  5. Schedule an Appointment with the NCOD Academic Advisors beginning March 25To schedule an appointment with an NCOD academic advisor, stop by the NCOD front desk or email The NCOD academic advisors will assist you by reviewing the information provided by your major advisor to meet your accommodation and services needs for your classes.
  6. Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) Clients or Other Third Party Sponsorship and Disenrollment Protection: Please inform NCOD of your status to ensure that you receive disenrollment protection.
  7. Register for Courses on CSUN Portal: You may also consult the How To Guides for Students.
  8. Repeating Courses - July 3: Early registration is not applicable for repeating courses.  Review the Registration Calendar for when you can enroll in a repeating course.
  9. Submit SAAS Requests by June 1:  Your classes won't show up on SAAS until 24 hours after you register.  Request one primary accommodation (interpreting or transcribing) for each class along with notes on SAAS.  Review the Step-by-step Guide or contact your NCOD advisor if you need assistance with SAAS requests.  Please contact your NCOD advisor if you plan to register after June 1.
  10. Added or Dropped Classes: Contact us at when adding, dropping, or making any changes to your accommodations and/or classes.
  11. Check Class Schedule: Check your schedule periodically to keep track of any changes in days, times, and locations. If any changes occur please contact NCOD at
  12. Student Finance - Arrange for payment of tuition and fees – Tuition and Fees.