How to Apply

Why Apply to CSUN as a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Student?

  • 180+ Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
  • Largest DHH population at a university on the West Coast
  • 1,000+ signers on campus
  • ASL friendly dorm, the Lighthouse (Building 6)
  • 95+ service providers (interpreters, transcribers [captionists], and notetakers)
  • Local Deaf events

How to Apply

  1. Check out 65+ majors and 55+ master's degrees
  2. Review the admission requirements:
    1. Apply as a First-Time Freshman
    2. Apply as a Transfer Student
    3. Apply as an International Student
  3. Apply for CSUN on Cal State Apply.
  4. Complete FAFSA (Financial Aid) application.  Meet with your Department of Rehabilitation (VR) Counselor. 
    1. Don't have VR?  Contact for information or visit the DOR / Financial Aid page.
  5. Email that you completed the CSUN application

Following these steps will give you priority registration and make you eligible for services such as interpreting, transcribing (captioning) and shared notes.

If you have a unique situation that doesn't fit the above, please email

NCOD Open House - TBD

  • NCOD Open House Annually in September/October. For information, visit the NCOD Open House page or email
  • CSUN Application due January 31 for Fall Semester

Contact Information

NCOD Website:
Telephone: (818) 677-2054
Videophone: (818) 671-4443