FAQ for Service Providers


Question: When is our availability sheet due for scheduling? When can I expect to receive my schedule?

Answer: Fall availability sheets are due by July 1. Spring availability sheets are due by Dec. 1.  Schedules will be distributed approximately three weeks prior to the start of each semester.

Question: Is it possible to add to my assigned schedule?

Answer: Yes. Sometimes your schedule can be increased during the 4-week add/drop period. Also keep a close watch on the daily mass email from the dispatch unit. Classes marked WIWC have no permanent coverage yet.  You may be able to add it.

Question: What does WIWC mean?  What about SR and CB?

Answer: WIWC means ‘Who’s in which class?’  SR means Special Request and CB means chargeback.

Question: Should I avoid give-backs if at all possible?

Answer: Yes! Class assignments are complex and multi-layered, often involving six or more service providers and/or teams.  Give-backs use up a lot of dispatch time and can disrupt all the other schedules too.

Time reporting

Visit the SOLAR Portal Login page for all self-report procedures information.

Question: Do I still have to submit a self-report even though I did not work any hours for the month?

Answer: Yes. You are required to submit a monthly absence report whether you worked or not. If you did not miss any days, you would report No Leave Taken.

Question: What happens if my totals do not match the dispatch unit records?

Answer: Discrepancies can be discussed and resolved by contacting the dispatch unit.

Question: Can I enter self-report totals in advance?

Answer: Vacation totals may be entered prior to a vacation.  Doctor’s appointments may be entered in advance.  However, work hours must be entered after the work is done.

Question: Why am I asked to submit my self-report totals weekly?

Answer: Weekly self-reporting greatly reduces discrepancies and inaccuracies.  Also, questions can be accurately addressed as they arise and not in hurried stress at the end of the month.

Leave time

Question: Whom should I contact if I will be absent from work?  When should I do this?

Answer: Contact Dispatch and your supervisor.  Do so immediately via email, as soon as you know you will be absent, so that substitute services may be arranged in your place.

Question: Do I have to contact both Dispatch and my supervisor, plus complete the Interpreter Leave Form?

Answer: Yes, you must contact Dispatch and your supervisor via email on or before your absence and complete the necessary paperwork immediately upon your return.

Question: What if I know in advance that I will be absent?

Answer: Contact Dispatch and your supervisor via email.  Then, as part of the necessary paperwork, complete the leave forms and all necessary substitute request forms for all the classes you expect to miss.

Question: How do I find out how much available vacation and sick leave I have accrued?

Answer: You can check the CSUN portal, using your CSUN ID# and password to check your vacation and sick leave balances.  Click on View Absence Balances.

Question: How do I use my vacation leave?

Answer: First get approval from your supervisor 30 days in advance.  Then, on your self-report, record your vacation on the day(s) that have been agreed upon.  Then turn in the Interpreter Leave Form.  Then complete Sub Request forms for all the classes you expect to miss.

Question: How do I buy out vacation leave?

Answer: First, get approval from your supervisor 30 days in advance. Then on your self-report, record your buy-out of vacation time. You are allowed eight hours per day and no more than 40 hours in any one week period.  Do not post your vacation leave on a day on which you were not already working (i.e. Saturday or Sunday).

Question: Can I buy out my accumulated sick leave the same as vacation leave?

Answer : No. Sick leave is not a lump sum benefit available for buy-out.  It is only for use if you are out sick and will accrue indefinitely as long as you are employed with CSUN.

Question: What if I find out that I will be out for surgery for two weeks?

Answer: First, email Dispatch and then your supervisor.  Your supervisor will contact HR regarding your extended leave benefits.  For absences of more than five days, you must bring a note from your doctor confirming that you may return to work.

Question: How do I request maternity leave?

Answer: First, see your supervisor.  Discuss potential dates of absence and then contact Human Resources (HR) Leave of Absence Specialist at (818)677-3351.

Substitution requests

Question: How do I request a sub?

Answer: First, inform the dispatch unit.  Next, you will need to complete a sub request form for every class from which you will be absent. Please make sure to include all helpful information for the substitute interpreter (i.e. tests, presentations, accents, projects, special vocabulary, etc.).  This is an expected courtesy to the student(s) and our colleague(s).

Question: Am I permitted to find my own subs?

Answer: While we appreciate your conscientiousness in locating your own subs, we ask that you let the dispatch unit handle it as they often have other relevant information and are aware of the bigger picture.  However, suggestions are always welcome.

Question: How do I accept sub work?

Answer: If you see something on the Daily Mass Email that you would like to accept, you may request it by email only (do not call). Important – please do not reply to the original mass email.  Your reply will not be received by our department.  Be sure to send/forward to as mass emails require passwords.


Question: What is NCOD’s cancellation policy?

Answer: If any assignment is cancelled with less than two hours’ notice, the assignment is paid in full.

Question: If a class cancels or no-shows, does NCOD have a two-hour minimum?

Answer: You are paid for the entire assigned time of any cancellation or no-show that takes place with less than a two-hour notice.

Question: If a professor announces a cancellation and the student is aware of it, do I still need to call it in to the office?

Answer: Yes. Always. The student is responsible for reporting it as well.  Both have separate obligations to the office.

Question: If a student no-shows, do I still go back to that class next time?

Answer: No, not until you receive specific instructions from Dispatch that you can go back.

Question: Do I need to wait on campus in the event of a no-show or cancellation? Where?

Answer: In order to be paid, you need to wait and be available for reassignment if needed.  Feel free to use the Service Provider’s lounge or stay in immediate, agreed-upon contact with Dispatch from another campus location.  Once dismissed by Dispatch, you are free to go.

Question: How do I know when to go back to class if there has been a no-show?

Answer: Dispatch will inform you of when the no-show has cleared and you can go back to class.

Team interpreting

Question: Could we review the NCOD Team Interpreting procedure?

Answer: When interpreters are teamed, it is expected that both or all work together for the purpose of conveying material as accurately as possible.  Thus, the Interpreter in the “hot seat” can rely on the interpreter in the “support seat” for clarifications, feeds, missed words/names, covering unforeseen occurrences and general attentiveness. As interpreters in the “support seat” are being paid the entire time, it is expected that they remain present and on duty for the duration of the assignment. This means that your time in the “support seat” is not to be used for breaks, cell phone calls or other use of electronic devices.  This reminder applies especially in art classes with live models – NO electronic devices, please.


Question: What if my hours exceed 40 in one week?

Answer: First, it is important NOT to exceed 40 hours of work in any one week.  It is best to keep careful watch of your total weekly hours so as to avoid overtime.  The work week goes from Sunday to Saturday. IMPORTANT: Overtime must be pre-approved in writing by an administrator.

Off-campus travel

You can find travel forms at the university travel website. 

Question: What are these necessary travel forms and when are they used?

Answer: Request for approval to travel must be completed and submitted to the coordinator before travel to off-campus work locations. The travel expense claim form is submitted after travel and needs to show itemization of mileage, parking (including receipts) and expense incurred from traveling to and from off-campus work locations.  Submit this form once monthly and include a Mapquest page to verify mileage.

Dispatch info

Question: Should I stop by the dispatch unit with questions or scheduling concerns?

Answer: Yes, but please remember to use the front desk entrance to the dispatch area and not the side courtyard entrance.  We also ask that you keep your visit short, as we are keeping the foot traffic to a minimum for the sake of confidentiality. Also remember that if you wish to respond to the Daily Mass Email, you must do so via email only.  We ask that you do not respond in person or by phone so as to be fair to all responders.