Request media captioning

To request media captioning click here:

Media Captioning

Review the following steps to Request Media Captioning:

  1. Check Captioned Media
  • Copyright protected? Unsure? Consult with Librarian
  • Your own creation (proprietary)? Move to Step 2.
  • Determine Type of Service
    • Closed Captioning: includes the text of what was said in the media and time codes for when captions should display.
    • Transcript only: contains the text of what was said in the media.
    • Caption + Encode: takes the caption file and merges with media file.
  • Seek Funding Approval
    • Funding needed for NCOD Captioning Service. Obtain Chartfield number from Department Char/MARs
    • No funding needed for Self-Service. Download YouTube guides.
  • Set-Up
    1. myCSUNbox Account
      • Download myCSUNbox guide or visit CSUN IT Box Information
      • Create a folder named "NCOD Captioning"
      • Open "NCOD Captioning" folder, click "Share this Folder," and click "Invite Collaborators"
      • Type " ", change invitee permissions to "Co-Owner", and send invite
      • Upload files (video, transcript if you have one) to the "NCOD Captioning" folder on myCSUNbox
    1. Fill out Captioning Request Form Online
    1. NCOD completes captioning
      • NCOD uploads files to faculty member's myCSUNbox "NCOD Captioning" folder
    2. Faculty Retrieve files
      • Faculty links media for student view, or...
      • Faculty retrieves files and posts them on Faculty member's personal YouTube channel and creates a hyperlink to YouTube from Canvas for student view.