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The ability of deaf and hearing children to apply morphological rules / Robert Leon Cooper. P241 .C66 1965a
The academic status of sign language programs in institutions of higher education in the United States / Sheryl B. Cooper. HV2474 .C669 1997a
Acquisition and use of visual/gestural and aurel/oral bilingualism : a phenomenological study on bilingualism and deafness / by David G. Mason. HV2474 .M38 1990a
The acquisition of a new symbol system by adequate and inadequate readers / by Deborah Robyn Priddy. HV2469.R4 P75 1969a
Activities for the initial development of mathematical concepts without the use of verbal language / by Francis Wayne Adams. HV2469.A7 A33 1967a
Administrative implications for programs serving deaf postsecondary students of a statewide mandate for competency-based testing / Ronnie D. Brasel. LC1034 .B73 1995a
Alcohol and other drug attitudes and use among deaf and hearing impaired adolescents : a psychosocial analysis / by Linda L. Kafer. HV4999.D43 .K34 1993a
American Sign Language as a medium for poetry : a comparative poetics of sign, speech and writing in twentieth-century American poetry / by Humphrey-Dirksen Lippmann Bauman. HV2474 .B38 1998a
American Sign Language intervention with deaf children of monolingual hispanic families : a case study / by Mary Jane Pollisco. HV2474 .P65 1992a
An analysis of English morphological abilities of deaf and hearing children / by Garl Edward Garber. P241 .G37 1967a
An analysis of maternal questions to young deaf children during storybook reading / by Maribeth Nelson Lartz. HV2392.2 .L37 1989a
An analysis of selected variables affecting the employment of deaf-blind individuals in the state of Texas / Kenneth John Schmidt. HV1597 .S36 1975a
An analysis of the experiences of deaf and hard of hearing parolees and probationers / by Mareitta Rene Alston. HV9278 .A47 1997a
An analysis of the interactions of hearing parent and deaf toddler dyads during story-reading / by Kathleen Anne Vignolo. LB1573.5 .V55 1995a
An analysis of variables that impact treatment outcomes of chemically dependent deaf and hard of hearing individuals / by Debra Sue Guthmann-Ternus. HV4999.D43 G88 1995a
Antecedent cognitive skills related to science inquiry : an assessment with deaf children / by Edward Boris Grossman. HV2469.S3 G76 1987a
Arrangements for the display of deafness : an ethnographic account of communication in a hispanic family / by Linda Iris Rosa-Lugo. HV2392.2 .R67 1990a
Art made accessible : redefining accessibility and cross-cultural communication for the deaf and hard-of-hearing in the American theatre institution / by David Keith Ruebhausen. HV2508 .R84 1996a
Aspects of the American sign language predicate system / by Betsy Hicks McDonald. HV2474 .M36 1982a
Aspects of the syntax of American Sign Language / by Debra Aarons. HV2474 .A27 1994a
An assessment of social isolation and unmet needs of the black adult deaf in the inner city of Los Angeles / Claretha Jackson. HV1569.3.A37 J33 1973a
Attitudes and sign language : hearing parents' perspective / by Amy Michele Kay. LB2369 .Z953 1998 K39a
Attitudes of rehabilitation counselors with the deaf toward deafness and deaf people / by Victor Henry Galloway. HD7255.5 .G35 1972a
Attitudes toward deafness, motivation and expectations of students enrolled in manual communication classes / by Lucille V. Miller. HV2395 .M55 1976a
Attrition at Gallaudet University : a study of deaf students leaving postsecondary education / Vera Sue Follain-Grisell. LC148 .F65 1988a
The benefit to the deaf of real-time captions in a mainstream classroom environment / by Aaron Steinfeld. HV2502.5 .S74 1999a
A case management model program for meeting the needs of deaf-blind adults in an urban environment / Joel D. Ziev. HV1597.2 .Z54 1987a
Characteristics of an effective program of inservice education for dormitory counselors in residential schools for the deaf : a survey of superintendents' perceptions / by Angela Crowe Fryer. LB1731 .F79 1982a
A cochlear implant fabricated using a bulk silicon surface micromachining process / by Tracy Elizabeth Bell. RF305 .B45 1999a
The Commission on Education of the Deaf : a study identifying key factors affecting adoption and non-adoption of its recommendations / by Pat Johanson. HV2430 .J64 1996a
Comparative associative learning rates of hearing and hearing-impaired students of normal intelligence / by Ben Harper. HV2391 .H37 1975a
A comparative investigation of the vocational aspirations of deaf high school boys / by Armin George Turechek. HF5381.5 .T85 1967a
Comparing deaf children of oral deaf parents and deaf parents using manual communication with deaf children of hearing parents on academic, social, and communicative functioning / by Harvey Jay Corson. HV2471 .C81 1973a
Comparing the reading test scores of Hispanic and non-Hispanic hearing-impaired adolescents / by Ronald S. Reigner. HV2469.R4 R45 1995a
Comparison of an interpreted and captioned newscast among deaf high school graduates and deaf college students / by Malcolm Joseph Norwood. LB1044.7 .N67
Comparison of an interpreted and captioned newscast among deaf high school graduates and deaf college students / by Malcolm Joseph Norwood. LB1044.7 .N67 1976a
A comparison of four strategies to teach receptive visual language to young deaf learners / Robert Knowlton Lennan. HV2471 .L46 1974a
A comparison of scores earned by certain groups of residential school deaf children and the standardization sample of the Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities on four selected subtests / by Glen Brooks Johnson. HV2443 .J65 1966a
Comparison of the relationship of academic success to self-concept, social acceptance and perceived social acceptance for hearing, hard of hearing and deaf adolescents in a mainstream setting / by Lisa Sharon Coyner. LC1200 .C69 1993a
A comparison of two approaches to the assessment of deaf-blind children / Martin Henle Diebold. HV1597 .D54 1975a
A comparison of two parent organizations of hearing impaired children in regard to parent education, parent leadership, therapeutic environment and parent-school rapport / by Grant B. Bitter. HV2561.M5 B58 1967a
Comparison of written and spoken language from deaf and hearing children at five age levels. HV2430 .S56 1963a
Computer generated fingerspelling for assistive technology / by Clarke H. Steinback. QA76.9.U83 S74 1999a
Constructing deaf behavior / by Abraham Untermyer. HV2380 .U57 1996a
Corporal punishment and children who are deaf : a study of prevalence and attitudes / by Gregory A. Roper. HQ770.4 .R67 1997a
Cross-cultural attitudes toward deaf culture in a multi- and singular cultural society : a survey of residential school based teachers for the deaf who are deaf and hearing / by Sungkyu Choi. HV2885.5 .C56 1995a
Deaf American literature : a carnivalesque discourse / by Cynthia Lohr Peters. HV2545 .P48 1996a
The deaf-blind minority : an overview. LB2369 .Z95 S6 1983
The deaf-blind minority : an overview. LB2369 .Z95 S64 1983a
Deaf developmental writers in postsecondary education / by Thomas M. Moran. PN72 .Z95 1998 M67a
Deaf female clients give voice : a feminist perspective and counseling implications / Denise Joseph. HV2395 .J68 1993a
Deaf identity development : construction and validation of a theoretical model / by Neil Stephen Glickman. HV2380 .G58 1993a
Deaf readers and engagement in the story world : a study of strategies and stances / by Patricia Arthur Lemley. HV2469.R4 L46 1993a
Deaf students attending regular four-year colleges and universites / Robert S. Menchel. HV2430 .M43 1995a
Deaf students in the mainstream : a study in social assimilation / by Thomas K. Holcomb. HV2545 .H65 1990a
Deafness, communication, and social identity : an anthropological analysis of interaction among parents, teachers, and deaf children in a preschool / by Carol J. Erting. HV2395 .E78 1982a
A descriptive study of changes in deafness etiology from 1985 to 1995 : a comparison of Texas School for the Deaf and Northwest Harris County Cooperative for the Hearing Impaired / by Kathleen M. Chinn. RF291.5.C45 C55 1997a
A descriptive study of the use of dialogue journals with three deaf adolescents from Hispanic homes / by Chad E. Smith. HV2469.E5 S64 1996a
The development of closed-captioned television : technology, policy and cultural form / by Mark G. Borchert. HV2503 .B67 1998a
The development of practical knowledge and pedagogical expertise in teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students / Edward A. Merlatt. HV2430 .M38 1998a
The development of sign language use in deaf preschoolers and their hearing mothers / by Vicki Suzanne Everhart. HV2391 .E84 1993a
Deviance : a study in the perpetuation of stigmatization using persons with a hearing impairment / by Daniel Joe Seffinger. HV2395 .S38 1973a
The differential effectiveness of various modes of presenting verbal information to deaf students through modified television formats / by Robert R. Gates. LB1044.7 .G38 1970a
A discourse analysis of eight spontaneous conversational narratives in American Sign Language : a case study / by Mary LeMaster Thomsen. HV2474 .T54 1996a
Educational outcomes for deaf and hard of hearing students served by the regional postsecondary program for deaf students at Saint Paul Technical College, 1989-1994 / by Debra Wilcox Hsu. HV2561.M55 H78 1999a
The effect of aerobic physical activity on anxiety and alcohol consumption in deaf and hard of hearing college students / Nanette Tummers. HV4999.D43 .T86 1997a
The effect of beard and mustache on speechreading / by James Schultz. HV2487 .S34 1974a
The effect of early manual communication and family climate on the deaf child's development / by Kathryn Pendleton Meadow. HV2395 .M43 1967a
The effect of educational backgrounds of deaf children on their general aptitude test battery performance scores / by Robert Gordon Sanderson. HV2391 .S26 1974a
The effect of perceptions of social support and perceptions of entitlement on family functioning in deaf-parented adoptive families / Barbara J. White. HV875.55 .W55 1999a
The effects of bilingual and monolingual reading videos on story recall with students who are deaf and hard of hearing / by Kelly D. Meyers-Sinett. HV2503 .M39 1997a
The effects of inserts and captions on learning with deaf subjects using motion and still pictures / by Ronald Emery Nomeland. HV2503 .N65 1973a
The effects of total communication, manual communication, oral communication and reading on the learning of factual information in residential school deaf children / by Alfred Henry White. HV2440 .W55 1972a
The effects of types of reinforcement, color prompting and image size upon programmed instruction with deaf learners / by Harry James Murphy. HV2502 .M86 1970a
The efficiency of sign language interpreting to convey lecture information to deaf students / by Louis Ronald Jacobs. HV2474 .J33 1976a
Employing officials' and doctoral graduates' perceptions of special education administrative competencies in three midwestern states / by Lee L. Waters. LC3981 .W38 1974a
Encoding strategies used to process print information by prelingually, profoundly deaf children / by W. Edward Ingham. HV2469.R4 I53 1989a
The enculturation of a hearing family with a deaf child : we are all learning to sign / by Claire M. Waldron. HV2392.2 .W34 1996a
English for the deaf child / by Cheryl Adkins. LB2369 .Z957 1988 A34a
Ethnic deaf identity formation / by Loriene Hatsumi Honda. HV2395 .H66 1998a
An evaluation of the mastery of simple English sentence structure by secondary age deaf students / by Gerilee Gustason. HV2469.E5 G87 1972a
An experimental study on the encoding of verbal information for visual transmission to the hearing impaired learner / by George Propp. HV2502 .P76 1972a
An exploratory study of the adaptive and emotional experiences of hearing children of deaf parents / Lynn Kilroy. HQ759.912 .K55 1995a
Facial expression and redundancy in American Sign Language / by Rachel I. Mayberry. HV2474 .M386 1979a
Factors influencing academic and behavioral expectations of teachers in classes for deaf and hard of hearing students with diverse racial, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds / Reginald Redding. LC3719 .R43 1995a
Features of the handshape in American Sign Language / Penny Boyes-Braem. HV2474 .B69 1981a
Federal aid and the education of the deaf in the United States / John G. Nace. LB2825 .N12 1969a
A field study of a social cognition training program for deaf adults in vocational rehabilitation / Jon Blankenship. HD7255.5 .B53 1993a
General linguistic competency in the deaf : a prerequisite for developing a theory of mind? / by Ronald Jan Frey. BF723.P48 F74 1997a
A generative grammar of sign / by Elizabeth A. McCall. HV2474 .M33 1965a
Growing up hearing with deaf parents : the influences on adult patterns of relating and on self/other awareness / Ruth Hedrick Livingston. HQ759.912 .L58 1997a
Hearing children of deaf parents : a bicultural approach / Karyn Kaufman Blane. HQ759.912 .B52 1995a
Hearing dogs : enhancing human adaptability / by Paige Elizabeth Ingle Pang. HV2509 .P36 1999a
Heart rate responses to sign language interpretation / by Sai Kai James Chang ; in collaboration with Brenda C. Earner, Russell C. Jaramilla. RA440 .Z95 2000 C53a
A history of the establishment of three bachelor of arts degree-granting deaf studies programs in America / by Charles N. Katz. HV2530 .K38 2000a
How communication technologies have historically isolated deaf people / by Thomas Rogers. HV2502.5 .R64 1995a
Humor as experienced by hearing impaired women / by Fran French Gibbs. HV1569.3.W65 G53 1996a
Identification of learning disabilities in students who are deaf or hard of hearing : a Bayesian approach / by Deborah S. Stryker. LC4704 .S795 1998a
The identification of special competencies of deafness specialists in postsecondary education programs / Marcia E. Kolvitz. HV2431 .K65 1999a
Impact of hearing impairment on caregiver-child interactions among Chinese families / by Yu-ling Yeh. HV2898 .Y44 1997a
The impact of profound, prelingual deafness and aspects of early communication experience on deaf adults' symbolic functioning / by Nancy J. Crown. HV2474 .C76 1994a
Inclusion of deaf students in the regular classroom : perceptions of regular educators and deaf educators / by Elahea Afzali. HV2551 .A49 1995a
The influence of early language and communication environments on the development of language in deaf children / by Kenneth E. Brasel. HV2395 .B7 1975a
The influence of modality of presentation, response confirmation modes, and types of immediate reinforcement upon programmed learning by hearing impaired children / by Glenn Samuel Pfau. BF319.5.R4 P43 1967a
An investigation into the use of the Cloze procedure to measure the reading comprehension ability of hearing-impaired students / Nelson Luther Treece. LB1050.3 .T74 1991a
An investigation of a hearing mother's reading aloud efforts to her preschool age hearing and hearing impaired children before bedtime / by Yildiz Uzuner. LB1573.5 .U98 1993a
Language in the body : iconicity and metaphor in American Sign Language / by Sarah Florence Taub. HV2474 .T37 1997a
Language understanding of deaf students under three auditory-visual stimulus conditions / by Henry Walter Edward Klopping. HV2471 .K56 1971a
Language use in Spanish-speaking families with deaf children / by Barbara Gerner de García. HV2392.2 .G46 1993a
Leadership practices of superintendents at residential schools for the deaf / by John W. Balk. LB2831.7 .B35 1997a
Leadership preparation for enhancing the organization development skills of administrators of residential schools for the deaf : a simulator / by Doris Isobel Helge. HV2437 .H35 1975a
Learned helplessness and persistence on verbal and nonverbal tasks for preadolescents who are deaf / Julia Higgins Pezzi. HV2391 .P49 1999a
A linguistic analysis of the written language of the deaf / by Arthur Norman Gunderson. HV2468 .G86 1965a
The linguistic mode of scoring the Exner Comprehensive System of the Rorschach protocol for deaf individuals / Ernesto Santistevan. BF432.D4 .S26 1996a
Literacy development in deaf students : case studies in bilingual teaching and learning / by Charlotte J. Evans. HV2469.R4 E93 1998a
Mainstreamed deaf college students' ratings of factors influencing postsecondary education choices / by Brenda L. Call. HV2430 .C35 1992a
Mainstreaming the hearing impaired : the development and field testing of a training module for secondary level educators / by Frederick David Manning. LC4031 b .M32 1983a
Marital quality in deaf-deaf and deaf-hearing marriages / by Anthony G. Mosier. HQ1040 .M67 1999a
Mathematics reform in the education of deaf and hard of hearing students / Claudia M. Pagliaro. HV2469.A7 P34 1996a
A microanalysis of the nonmanual components of questions in American Sign Language / by Charlotte Lee Baker-Shenk. HV2474 .B344 1983a
A modified model for the description of language acquisition in a deaf child / by Marina LaRay McIntire. P51.Z9 M26a
Mother father deaf : identity on the margins of culture / Paul M. Preston. HV2395 .P745 1992a
A multiple regression study of academic prediction at Gallaudet College. LB2366.2 .P47 1969a
Multiply handicapped deaf children : a study of the significance and causes of the problem / by McCay Vernon. HV2391 .V47 1966a
A national study of deaf entrepreneurs and small business owners : implications for career counseling / by Sue Ellen Pressman. HV2504.5.U6 P74 1999a
The Native American deaf experience : cultural, linguistic, and educational perspectives / by Sharon Baker. E97 .B334 1996a
Native deaf people in the U.S. and American Sign Language nonhand signs / by Valerie Lynn Dively. HV2474 .D58 1996a
Non-manual realization of agreement in American sign language / by Benjamin J. Bahan. BF637.C45 B34 1996a
"Once upon a time..." : a collaborative study of the storybook experiences of three deaf preschoolers / by Barbara E. Gioia. HV2440 .G56 1997a
Parental perceptions of their influence on the career goals of their hearing impaired adolescents / by Richard Charles Steffan, Jr. HV2392.2 .S74 1980a
Perception of nonverbal messages with emotional content by hearing and deaf young adults / Amatzia Weisel. HV2500 .W45 1983a
Perceptions of causality of success and failure of hearing impaired, learning disabled, and nondisabled high school students / by Kathleen Dillon Shelby. LB1131 .S475 1983a
Personality characteristics of the college educated congenital deaf adult as revealed by the Rorschach psychodiagnostic test / Barbara Feen Pearson. BF698.9.A3 P43 1975a
A photographic study of the eye movements of profoundly deaf children during the process of reading / by William Blea. LB1050.6 .B54 1967a
The play patterns of young hearing-impaired children with their hearing and hearing-impaired peers / by Linda Mae Levine. HV2391 .L48 1993a
Poetics of American Sign Language poetry : Project Demonstrating Excellence / Clayton Valli. HV2474 .V35 1993a
The poetry and poetics of American sign language / Alec Ormsby. HV2474 .O74 1995a
Predicting the academic performance of deaf students in a postsecondary educational setting / by Barbara Boyd. LB2351 .B69 1983a
Primary-grade teachers' strategic use of american sign language in teaching English literacy in a bilingual school setting / by Cynthia Neese Bailes. HV2469.E5 B35 1998a
Processes and patterns of dialog between deaf and hearing siblings during play / by Denny Allen Francis Mondragon Jack Van Horn. HV2392.2 .V36 1999a
Provisions for the education of mentally retarded deaf children in residential schools for the deaf / by Robert Meredith Anderson. LC4602 .A53 1965a
Psycholinguistic abilities and academic achievement of hard of hearing students / by Martha Williamson Anderson. HV2430 .A53 1974a
A psycholinguistic view of the evolution, nature and value of the sign language of the deaf / by Roger M. Falberg. HV2474 .F35 1964a
Raising bilingual and bicultural children : deaf parents' perceptions / by Mary Thelma Weiner. HQ759.912 .W45 1997a
Recall of behavioral sequences in deaf adults with learning disabilities / Judi G. Frugé. LC4818 .F78 1995a
The relationship between mode of communication and the development of self-esteem in the deaf child of hearing parents / by Marie H. Kelliher. HQ759.913 .K45 1976a
The relationship of short-term visual memory and intelligence to the manual communication skills of profoundly deaf children / by Ruth Seth Funderburg. HV2471 .F86 1975a
Relationships between special education administrators' responses to Fiedler's least prefered coworker measure and their responses to selected hypothetical group task situations / by Marilyn Louise Flynn. LC3965 .F59 1972a
Reliability estimates and exploratory factor analysis of an American Sign Language administration of the general aptitude test battery / by Denis Cooney. HV2474 .C6687 1997a
Role concepts and functions of rehabilitation counselors with the deaf / by Norman Lee Tully. HD7255.5 .T84 1970a
The role of the California State Department of Education in the area of educational technology / by Richard Emil Contreras and Siegfried Frederick Efken. LB2809.C3 C66 1975a
Roles and reference in American Sign Language : a developmental perspective / by Ruth Carolyn Loew. HV2474 .L64 1984a
The roles and responsibilities of the special educator, the general educator, and the educational interpreter in the education of students who are deaf or hard of hearing / by Sarah T. Smith. HV2561.A6 S65 1998a
Self-concept and intrinsic versus extrinsic orientation of deaf secondary students in different educational settings / Susan Ann Van Gurp. HV2430 .V36 1997a
Self-disclosure in deaf-hearing, deaf-deaf, and hearing-hearing married couples : a look at frequency, value, and contexts in relation to marital satisfaction / by Rebecca Anne McIntosh. HQ1040 .M35 1995a
The self-esteem of hearing-impaired children / by Marjorie Lund Lenhart. BF77.Z9 L454a
The sign language : an analysis / La Mont West, Jr. E98.S5 W47 1960a
The sign language : an analysis / La Mont West, Jr. E98.S5 W47 1960a
Sign language interpretation under four interpreting conditions / by Lawrence Raymond Fleischer. HV2474 .F54 1975a
A sign language translation and play analysis of George Herman's A Company of Wayward Saints / by Donna Bryan Scarfe. PN1657 .Z95 1991 S33a
Signing, oralism and the development of the New Zealand deaf community : an ethnography and history of language ideologies / by Leila Frances Monaghan. HV2985.5 .M66 1996a
The social competence of deaf children with cochlear implants who are placed in mainstreamed educational settings / by Maura Martindale. LC1200 .M37 1999a
Social problems of graduates of an oral residential school for the deaf / by Wallace Bruce. HV2395 .B83 1960a
The socialization of emotion understanding in deaf children : the role of the family / by Elizabeth Cantor. HV2392.2 .C36 1996a
Some aspects of the historical development of signs in American Sign Language / by Nancy Jo Frishberg. P117 .F7 1976a
Some problems associated with the higher education of deaf and hearing-impaired students in an open system / by Gerald William Hales. HV2716 .H35 1978a
Some sociological-linguistic aspects of the American sign language of the deaf / by Johnny K. Smelz. HV2474 .S62 1975a
Sources and aspects of code-switching in the signing of a deaf adult and her interlocutors / by Dorothy Marian Lee. HV2474 .L44 1983a
Spatial mapping in comparative discourse frames in an American sign language lecture / by Elizabeth A. Winston. HV2474 .W56 1993a
Story writing by students with hearing impairments / by Lois A. Ketchum. LB1575.8 .K48 1993a
Structure and acquisition of verbs of motion and location in American sign language / by Ted Supalla. HV2474 .S96 1982a
The structure of determiner phrases : evidence from American Sign Language / by Dawn MacLaughlin. HV2474 .M26 1997a
A study of deaf culture in an American urban deaf community / by Simon J. Carmel. HV2545 .C37 1987a
A study of four African-American families reading to their young deaf children / by Zanthia Yvette Smith. HV2469.R4 S59 1999a
A study of the academic achievement and language acquisition levels of deaf children of hearing parents in an educational environment using signing exact English as the primary mode of manual communication / by Richard Lee Babb. P118 .B32 1979a
A study of the communication problems of unemployed deaf men / by Edna Paananen Adler. HV2471 .A35 1963a
A study of the effect of an innovative creative writing program on the creativity scores of deaf children / by Ilene Deutsch. LB2369 .Z95 1978 D49a
A study of the relationship between the articulation and vocabulary of hearing impaired parents and their normally hearing children / by H. William Brelje. HQ759.912 .B73 1971a
A study of the validity and reliability of the comprehensive skills certificate evaluation for sign language interpreters / by Paul M. Culton. HV2402 .C85 1981a
Successful deaf readers : an investigation of communication, literacy, and family dimensions / by Linda S. Taylor. HV2469.R4 T39 1999a
Supervision of instruction for deaf children in California public schools / by Barry Linden Griffing. HV2461 .G75 1974a
Supervisory behavior as perceived by academic teachers in schools for deaf children / by F. Eugene Thomure. HV2431 .T56 1971a
Supervisory behavior as perceived by academic teachers in schools for deaf children / by F. Eugene Thomure. HV2431 .T56 1971a
Supporting literacy development : an investigation of teacher scaffolding in a bilingual-bicultural school for the deaf / by Leslie D. Baldwin. HV2440 .B35 1998a
Surditas : the understandings of the deaf and deafness in the writings of Augustine, Jerome, and Bede / by Leslie A. King. PR1309.D365 K56 1996a
A survey of dormitory counseling practices in residential institutions for the deaf in the United States / by Ruth Jacob. HV2395 .J33 1970a
A survey of the education of the deaf in Taiwan, Republic of China / by Wayne H. Smith. LB2369.Z9 S622 1977a
A survey : the deaf in federal prisons / by Roy K. Holcomb. HV6791 .H65 1967a
Telephone-teletype communications for the deaf : an exploratory study of purpose and means / by Kenneth Dean Santos. HV2471 .S25 1975a
Television literacy : comprehension of program content using closed-captions for the deaf / by Margaret Susanne Jelinek Lewis. LB1050.375 .L49 1998a
The training of academic teachers of the deaf / by Richard G. Brill. HV2431 .B75 1950a
The transition process of hearing-impaired new sign language freshmen : an interview study of first semester experiences at Gallaudet University / by Jerel S. Barnhart. LC148 .B37 1991a
Undergraduates' life stories in the deaf education English literacy system : revealing discursive identities with coherence resources / by Kathleen Marie Wood. HV2449 .W66 1998a
An "unspeakable, unwriteable" language : deaf identity, language & personhood among the first cohorts of Nicaraguan signers / by Richard Joseph Senghas. HV2609.M3 S46 1997a
Use of the WAIS-III performance scale with deaf adults / by Michelle Robin Leutzinger. BF432.D4 L48 2001a
Using American sign language with a direct instruction mathematics program to affect the mathematics achievement of deaf students / by Annette J. Bass. QA19.A44 B37 1993a
Validating the Youth Self-Report : American Sign Language translation / by Barbara Kirsch, M.A. RJ503.7.Y68 K57 1997a
Vocational attribution styles of community college students with and without hearing loss : measures of self-efficacy / by Emmett Basil Kessler. HV2449 .K47 1999a
What schools for the deaf provide in the way of curriculum in deaf studies for deaf children / by Alban L. Branton. LB2369 .Z958 1997 B73a
Words made flesh : nineteenth-century deaf education and the growth of deaf culture / by Rebecca Anne Rourke Edwards. HV2417 .E39 1997a