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Career Education & Professional Development: Students

The Career Education & Professional Development Center works to guide you through your career exploration, provide you with opportunities to hone your professionalism, and connect you with leaders in the business community. We look forward to supporting you as you realize your academic and professional goals.

All of the appointments for services and registration for events listed below must be made through Handshake. 


Resume and Cover Letter Reviews 
One-on-one resume and cover letter reviews are available by appointment.

Mock Interviews 
Students who would like to practice their interview skills may schedule an appointment for a mock interview. Please have a prospective employer in mind and come prepared with a resume and cover letter.

Career Previews 
Structured presentations by potential employers where students are able to learn detailed information about the organization, internships, jobs, and careers within the organization. In addition, students may gain insights about current and future trends in particular industries. Career Previews are held at various times throughout the year and publicized to students in a timely manner.

Additional Workshops 
The Career Education & Professional Development Center conducts additional professional development workshops for students. These workshops are designed to enrich students' experiential learning experiences, to assist students in their career preparation, and to network with their fellow students and industry leaders. Workshops are held at various times throughout the year and publicized to students in a timely manner. These workshops include Networking, Etiquette, and Social Media.

Job Shadowing/Day in the Job
Provides opportunities for students to observe an organization's environment and typical workday for employees. Organizations display their company's culture and network with the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics undergraduates. Students may job shadow an individual or observe employees in a variety of areas.

Dean's Career Closet
Provides donated new, or gently worn professional attire to students enrolled in the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics. The Career Closet assists students with their professional dress needs for events that might include interviews, career fairs, company tours, and more. 


Internships can be extremely beneficial to college students in the following ways: 

  • Gain valuable work experience in a field of interest 
  • Learn time management 
  • Apply academic information into real-world situations 
  • Learn how to be a team player 
  • Learn how to communicate with various audiences 
  • Handle conflict and pressure in the workplace effectively 
  • Develop a network
  • Interact with diverse groups of individuals 
  • Enhance people and customer service skills
  • Increase value on your resume

Internships provide strategic opportunities for students to gain professional work experience and make connections in their chosen career fields prior to graduation. The Career Education & Professional Development (CEPD) Center facilitates the connection between students and industry professionals for internships with real-world experience and on-the-job training.

Helpful Tips and Suggestions

  • Do not wait until you are a graduating senior to consider doing an internship --explore the idea as a sophomore or junior. 
  • Internship opportunities vary by semester. Check Handshake for the most current list of opportunities and deadlines. 
  • Most internships will require a formal cover letter, resume, CV, and/or an interview. If you need help with any of these, the CEPD Center is a great on-campus resource. 

Enrolling in the Internship Course (498c)

  • Click here to download the Steps to Enroll in the Internship Course (498c):PDF icon
  • Attend an Internship Orientation Workshop. This workshop will highlight the requirements, deadlines, and, internship searching tips. Register to attend an Internship Orientation Workshop on Handshake.

Please note: The internship course has prerequisites for each major that must be met prior to enrolling in the course. Click here to download the prerequisites for 498C: 

CEPD adheres to federal and state laws/guidelines regarding internship opportunities, as well as the NACE Position Statement on U.S. Internships.

For additional information, please log into Handshake.




Industry Night: Spring Semester
An Annual networking event where organizations and students engage in conversations about professional opportunities. The event offers organizations an excellent opportunity to interact with a very diverse student body of exceptional business and economics students.

Career Education Conference: Fall Semester
An annual event of presentations, panels, and workshop sessions aimed at providing students with some of the strategies and tools needed to succeed in today's global world as they begin or continue on their chosen career paths. Conference speakers include alumni, faculty, and friends of the College who support students' career education by sharing their expertise and knowledge in a variety of career-related topics. 

Women in Business Seminar: Fall Semester
Provides an opportunity for CSUN students to hear a panel of female executives share their experiences and perspectives on being a woman in business world. Each executive on the panel offers valuable advice and unique experiences in various industries. The Women in Business Seminar provides all students with a valuable understanding of what it takes to overcome challenges and succeed in an often male-dominated business world.

Business Sides: Throughout the Year
Events that provide organizations with the opportunity to share their knowledge and insights about an issue, trend, or movement in the corporate world while students have the opportunity to ask questions and share their own insights. Following the presentation, speakers and students gather for a casual networking session.

Firm Tours: Throughout the Year
Provide opportunities for organizations to show students their culture, working environments, facilities, products, and services. The structure of each event is flexible, but host organizations often conduct a brief presentation, followed by a tour of the facilities, and ending with a question and answer session.

Guest Speakers: Throughout the Year
Industry leaders have the opportunity to participate as guest speakers at a variety of events. Guest speakers help educate and inspire the next generation of business leaders.