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About BUS 302L

BUS 302L -- Gateway Lab for LDC Exams

Prerequisites for Business 302L:  ACCT 220, 230; BLAW 280; COMP 100; ECON 160, 161; ENGL 205; MATH 103; MATH 140 or SOM 120. (Lower Division Business Core courses).
  You can take BUS 302L concurrently with BUS 302 or prior to taking BUS 302.

In order to complete the Gateway experience, students are required to pass two classes (Bus 302 and Bus 302L).  Business 302L is a one unit self-paced learning class.  There are no regularly scheduled class meetings.  You will take six lower division core concept exams in the following six areas listed below.  The exam schedule will be posted on this website.


To pass the class, students must get a minimum score of 50% (8 out of 16) on each individual exam  AND a cumulative score of 60% (58 out of 96).   If you do not pass an exam or you wish to increase your score on an exam, you will have two more (total of three) attempts to pass each exam.  If you still fail to pass an exam or get a cumulative score of 58, you must register for the class in the following semester and take the exams all over again.  The pass/fail policy for the class is determined by the faculty and is subject to change.  The course coordinator cannot change the policy unilaterally for any student.


All Exams will be administered on Canvas. You should start preparing for the exams by following the Review Materials link on this web site. Exams typically start during week 4 of the regular semester (week 2 in the summer) and continue till the end of the semester.  Please read the Exam Rules carefully before you take an exam.

You will have two opportunities to retake an exam you failed in the first round. It is your responsibility to keep a record of your exam scores.
STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: Students needing extra time or other exam accommodations should contact Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) at the beginning of the semester in order to arrange for extended time sessions or alternatives. We work closely with the student testing service.

If you need any further assistance in this matter, please feel free to reach out to the department office by  or, phone 818-677-2470. 

Department office (BB 3121) Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm