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Instant benchmarking and scoring! 

VMock is your 24/7 virtual career assistant that utilizes technologies like artificial intelligence to provide instant personalized feedback on your resume, LinkedIn profile, and elevator pitch. 

Resume advise can also be requested from our advisors through VMock using Network Feedback

SMART Resume – 

Analyze your generic resume to provide immediate detailed feedback to help identify strengths and areas of improvement.
We ask all students to achieve a score of 75 or higher. 


Elevator Pitch –

Analyze your body language, enunciation and content to provide holistic feedback on non-verbal, content strength, and delivery of speech.


Aspire (LinkedIn) – 

Analyze your LinkedIn profile to provide detailed feedback on the content, look, and visibility. 


Career Fit –

Analyze your tailored resume to provide detailed feedback with the match of skills and content to specific job roles they may be interested.
We recommend using after receiving a score of 75 or better on your resume.