Career Education & Professional Development (CEPD)

  • Bookstein Hall Su21 Hours

    Summer '21 In-Person Office Hours: 7/12-8/20

  • South Africa MR

    Inspiring Entrepreneurship in South Africa

  • Low Income Taxpayer Clinic Volunteer Wins Case Against IRS

    LITC Volunteer Wins Case Against IRS

  • Martin Hughes Accounting Scholarship

    Martin Hughes Creates Accounting Scholarship

  • VITA Clinic Volunteer Assisting Taxpayer

    Wells Fargo Continues to Support VITA Clinic

  • Business Analytics Major & Minor

    Introducing New Major & Minor in Business Analytics

  • MBA students working together

    Free Business Consulting Services

CEPD Updates

Updated July 6, 2021
The Center for Career Education & Professional Development (CEPD) is operating remotely. Part-time physical office hours will resume starting July 15.

All of our events and services will continue to be available virtual. All of our resources are available online.


For additional updates and current information on campus operations, visit CSUN as One planning website.

Internship Information 

Summer 2021

The Summer 2021 application and enrollment period is now closed.

If an internship is secured now, please consider pushing the internship start date to align with the Fall semester.

Fall 2021

Students who plan to take 498c in Fall should register for an Internship Orientation Workshop.

The University Administration has made the decision to allow Physical and Hybrid Internships for academic credit in Fall 2021. Students will have the option to do an in-person, hybrid, or 100% virtual internship for academic credit.

All Semesters
Click here to download the Complete Guide on How to Enroll in the Internship Course (498c): PDF icon

Appointment Information

Appointments are offered via phone or video (zoom). In-person appointments are not currently available.   

 Resume advice can also be requested through VMock using Network Feedback