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Passport Program Application

The Professional Development and Career Education (CEPD) Passport Program provides undergraduate business students with guidance in their career-building and networking skills.  Students in the program will engage in a variety of professional development activities, including career development, networking, experiential learning, and leadership.

To join the Passport Program, please fill out the application below.

Class Year as of Fall 2021
Your Major(s)
Your Minor(s)
To which, if any, of the following groups do you belong?
This information if for demographic purposes only. A response is optional. If you provide a response, it will not be made public or used against you in any way.
How did you hear about the Passport Program?
Passport Code of Conduct
As a Passport Member you will be expected to act in a professional and ethical manner. Your conduct should make professionals you interact with want to continue their participation with this program. The following is expected of you as a Passport Members representing the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics at California State University, Northridge when attending Passport related events, programs, and activities: 1. Remain drug and alcohol-free, and avoid the use of controlled substances. 2. Maintain confidentiality of projects and personnel. 3. Changes to scheduled meetings should be clearly communicated with CEPD office. 4. Dress appropriately for every setting. 5. Follow through on commitments. 6. Do not conduct personal business during events and meeting times (cell phones, e-mail, internet). 7. Keep a positive attitude. 8. Keep an open mind, avoid jumping to conclusions, and try to make informed judgments. 9. Communicate – keep CEPD informed in a useful succinct way, listen, and ask questions. 10. Be fair, considerate, honest, trustworthy, and cooperative. 11. Seek feedback from CEPD and accept suggestions for corrective changes. 12. Accept constructive criticism and continuously strive to improve. 13. Seek to enhance your professional effectiveness by improving skills and acquiring new knowledge. 14. Event attendance is incredibly important in the Passport Program. When you register for an event, it is expected that you attend. If you register but fail to attend, you will be required to come into our office within 7 days to give a verbal explanation. If you fail to do so, you will be dropped from the program. Only one instance is tolerated and repeated offenses will be sufficient reason to drop you from the program. As stated in the orientation, a specific number of items must be completed each year in order to successful advance to the next class standing. If those items are not met and reported, you will be unable to advance in the program. As stated in the orientation, this is a continuous program and if you should choose to withdraw, you will be unable to rejoin again at a later date. I agree to the above stated Passport Code of Conduct and will make every effort to abide by it. I have read and agree to the above Passport Program Agreement.