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Frequently Asked Questions


General Office Questions

1. Is CEPD open to all students?

Yes. The office is primarily designed to assist the Nazarian College students, however, CEPD helps all CSUN students and alumni who are interested in business as a career.

2. How do I make an appointment with CEPD Advisors? 

  • Log into Handshake (Link on right)
  • Select “Appointment” under “Career Center" drop down
  • You can select a variety of appointment types, such as Resume Critiques, Career Advisements, or Cover Letter Reviews

 3. How do I cancel an appointment with CEPD? 

  • Log into Handshake (Link on right)
  • Select “Appointment” under “Career Center" drop down
  • Click on the appointment listed under the date you were scheduled for
  • Select “Cancel” and the appointment will be deleted

You will be able to cancel an appointment up to one hour before the appointment.

4. What services does CEPD provide? 

CEPD provides a variety of services such as Resume Reviews, Cover Letter Critiques, Mock Interviews, and Career/Internship Advisements. We help facilitate the Nazarian College Internship Program. We also provide professional development programs, such as the Passport or Mentor programs. 

You can find out about how to take advantage of all of these services and the many others provided by CEPD by visiting our Student page.

5. Can the CEPD help me improve a Resume or Cover letter? 

Yes, we can. There are guides in the Handshake Resource Library you can access at any time. You may also make an appointment. To do so, following these steps: 

  • Log into Handshake (Link on right)
  • Select “Appointment” under “Career Center" drop down
  • Schedule the appointment

Nazarian College students are also able to use our VMock platform. VMock is a resume, LinkedIn, and elevator pitch reviewing tool that is fast and easy to use.  It provides you with feedback to help you improve your resume. Visit our VMock page for more information.

  • Go to
  • Enter your CSUN email address and hit ‘Continue with Email’
  • Set your password and click on ‘Sign Up’ button to proceed
  • You will then be asked to confirm your email address
  • Verify your email address by clicking on the 'Verify Account' button in the email received in your mailbox

6.  What kinds of events does CEPD offer? 

CEPD helps to provide students with a variety of events. We host the Nazarian College of Business and Economics's career fair Industry Night event each semester, where students can meet with a variety of companies to network and foster professional development. Additional events include Women in Business Seminar where women industry leaders discuss their experiences in the work place. We also facilitate companies to provide Company Information Sessions and other workshops. You can register for these events through Handshake.

You can find out about how to take advantage of all of these events and many others provided by CEPD by visiting Handshake. 

Internship Questions

1. What are the prerequisites for the Internship Course? (498C) 

In order to be eligible to take the Internship Course, you must pass the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam (UDWPE), Business 302, and BUS 302 Lab. Additionally, you must pass your major specific Foundational Course, which is listed below. Finally, you must attend an Internship Orientation Workshop; appointments are available through Handshake.

Management Majors:

MGT 360

Marketing Majors:

MKT 304

Finance Majors:

FIN 303

Business Law Majors:

BLAW 280 + 3.0 CSUN GPA min

Accounting Majors:

Visit the Ernest & Young Center (BB 3123)

System Operations Management Majors:


Economics Majors:


The list of prerequisites can also be found on our Internship Program page and in Handshake's Resource Library.

2. Can the internship course be done at the same time as the prerequisite courses?

No, the classes that are prerequisites for the internship course must be passed before the internship course can be taken. 

3. How many Internship Orientation Workshops do I need to attend? 

You are only required to attend one Internship Orientation Workshop to be eligible for the internship course.  However, you are free to attend multiple workshops if you feel it would benefit you.

4. Where can I find internships? 

Internships can be found in a variety of places. Many opportunities are posted on websites like Handshake, LinkedIn and Indeed. Others can be found by networking and speaking with businesses in person. 

5What guidelines are there to know if my internship is an acceptable internship?

Internships must relate in someway to your education or career path. Furthermore, internships must be at locations with appropriate workspace for interns; this means that internships based out of people’s homes or lobbies do not qualify. We will be looking for a company website, to get a better understanding of the company itself.

At the Internship Orientation Workshop, you will be told the guidelines for the internship course, so make sure to attend the Workshop and come prepared with questions you may have.

If you have any further questions or concerns as to whether or not an internship would qualify, feel free to contact our office. 

6. Does my internship have to be directly related to the field I am majoring in? 

Your internship does not necessarily need to be in the specific field you are majoring in. However, it must relate to your major or career path. 

7. What is the exact process to get my internship approved? 

  • Attend an Internship Orientation Workshop
  • Log into Handshake
  • Select “Experience” under “Career Center" drop down
  • Fill out the application, making sure to provide complete answers to all questions
  • After the application has been submitted, it will be reviewed and approved by our office, typically within 3-5 business days
  • Your application will then be sent to your employer to receive their approval
  • After the application has been fully approved, you will receive a permission number on Handshake 

8. How many hours am I allowed to work?

For unpaid internships, you can work a maximum of 20 hours per week. For paid internships, you can work a maximum of 40 hours per week. You can work a maximum of 8 hours per day.

9Can I receive credit for an internship I previously completed? 

No, you must be enrolled in the internship course at the same time as you are completing your internship. Only hours completed during that semester will count towards your required 135 work hours. 

10. How do I report my internship hours?

Submit your Time Log Sheet at the end of the semester. The Time Log Sheet is found in our Resource Library under a folder titled “Internship Forms.”

  • Log into Handshake
  • Select “Resources” under “Career Center" drop down
  • Select the folder titled “How to Complete 498c Internship Course”
  • Download the Time Log Sheet 
  • Have your Employer sign off every week and total hours of the Time Log Sheet
  • Submit it to our office

Please make sure to pay attention to your CSUN email for emails from our office to get more information as to when the time logs will be due for each semester.