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The Center for Career Education & Professional Development (CEPD) is committed to assisting companies and organizations meet their employment needs for the mutual benefit of CSUN students and the organizations that support their professional development.

All job/internship postings and event registrations mentioned below are maintained through Handshake.

Please note: We are currently operating remotely through the end of Spring 2021. We have shifted all of our events and services to be virtual. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us as we navigate through these uncertain times.

We are committed to the continued support of our employers and providing our students with resources and opportunities for their career goals by facilitating meaningful interactions.

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Getting Started with Handshake

  • What is Handshake? Handshake is the online job and internship posting platform for CSUN, providing students with the opportunity to search and apply for business-related opportunities, and connect with employers and organizations.

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Job Posting Policies

Employers who wish to recruit CSUN Nazarian students and alumni through job postings, events or interviews are expected to interact with students, alumni and staff in a professional and ethical manner.

To recruit for employment, employers must abide by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Professional Practice and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines for Prohibited Employment Policies and Practices Overview. We recommend employers be familiar with NACE and EEOC standards prior to posting positions or participating in recruiting events. CSUN expects all employers and their representatives to abide by federal and state employment laws and to honor the university’s commitment to equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in their recruiting and hiring practices. 

To foster a strong working relationship, we also encourage you to partner with the University Career Center when recruiting at CSUN and you're looking for students from disciplines outside of the Nazarian College of Business and Economics. 

Academic Internship Program

At CSUN, we understand the value of forging strong and lasting partnerships with engaged community and industry organizations. In our internship program, you will serve as co-educators and help to guide new generations as they enter the workforce. 

Many of CSUN Nazarian students do internships for academic credit, therefore their internships must take place during that semester time frame. Additionally, students must complete a minimum of 135 internship hours during the semester they are enrolled. Please keep that in mind when hiring CSUN Nazarian students as interns. 

 See the Internship Course (498c) Employer Guide: PDF icon

General Academic Semester Timeline

  • Spring: January to May
  • Summer: May to August
  • Fall: August to December

Paid Internships vs Unpaid Internships

Academic internships can be a paid and unpaid opportunity.

Paid internships are defined as paying at least California minimum wage. For currently minimum wage, click here.

If you are offering an unpaid internship, please review the Department of Labor’s guidance on Internship Programs under the Fair Labor Standards Act and ensure that your internship opportunity meets the stated criteria for an allowable unpaid internship. Stipend and commission-only based internships are concerned unpaid as they will not meet minimum wage.

We adhere to NACE Position Statement on U.S. Internships and we expect our collaborators to do the same in the best interest of our students and their learning experiences.

How to Promote Your Internship Opportunity

  • Create an account on the Handshake.
  • Post and update your internship opportunities for students to view and apply to.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our office at (818) 677-4697.

Events and Programs

Career Previews/Information Sessions
Career previews are structured presentations by potential employers where students are able to learn detailed information about the organization, internships, jobs, and careers within the organization. In addition, students may gain insights about current and future trends in particular industries. Career previews are held at various times throughout the year and publicized to students in a timely manner. 

Professional Development Workshops
The Center for Career Education & Professional Development conducts a series of professional development workshops for students. These workshops are designed to enrich students' experiential learning experiences, to assist students in their career preparation, and to network with their fellow students and industry leaders. Workshops are held at various times throughout the year and publicized to students in a timely manner. 

Industry Night: Spring and Fall Semester
A bi-annual networking event and career fair where organizations and students engage in conversations about professional opportunities. The event offers organizations an excellent opportunity to interact with a very diverse student body of exceptional business and economics students.

Women in Business Seminar: Fall Semester
Provides an opportunity for CSUN students to hear a panel of female executives share their experiences and perspectives on being a woman in business world. Each executive on the panel offers valuable advice and unique experiences in various industries. The Women in Business Seminar provides all students with a valuable understanding of what it takes to overcome challenges and succeed in an often male-dominated business world.

Business Sides: Throughout the Year
Events that provide organizations with the opportunity to share their knowledge and insights about an issue, trend, or movement in the corporate world while students have the opportunity to ask questions and share their own insights. Following the presentation, speakers and students gather for a casual networking session.

Firm Tours: Throughout the Year
Provide opportunities for organizations to show students their culture, working environments, facilities, products, and services. The structure of each event is flexible, but host organizations often conduct a brief presentation, followed by a tour of the facilities, and ending with a question and answer session.

Guest Speakers: Throughout the Year
Industry leaders have the opportunity to participate as guest speakers at a variety of events. Guest speakers help educate and inspire the next generation of business leaders.

On-Site Executive Hours
Designed to enrich student learning and professional development through one-on-one interaction with business executives and industry leaders. From career advice to research project discussion, each executive brings a wealth of insight and knowledge to share with students. The program provides executives with opportunities to participate in the development of the next generation of business leaders.

Executive Internship Program
Enables executives to mentor and guide student through professional roles, responsibilities, and functions in the business world. Executives get to know students both professionally and personally, with the intention of increasing students' leaderships potential and business acumen.

Job Shadowing
Provides opportunities for students to observe an organization's environment and typical workday for employees. Organizations display their company's culture and to network with the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics undergraduates. Students may job shadow an individual or observe employees in a variety of areas.
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