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Nazarian College Alumni Spotlight: Carolynn Vanderslice

May 13, 2021

David Nazarian College of Business and Economics alumna Carolynn Vanderslice ’19 (Finance) recently held a virtual recruiting session for students on behalf of Goldman Sachs Ayco Personal Financial Management, where she now works as a Financial Analyst and serves as the recruiting liaison.

“It was great connecting with CSUN students to give them specific advice based on my experience instead of just general advice any recruiter can tell [them],” said Vanderslice. “I’m excited to bring attention to CSUN and prove [that] a state school, and specifically Nazarian College graduates, are beyond qualified, prepared and can truly succeed at Goldman Sachs.”

Vanderslice started as a Chemistry major at CSUN, but knew that it was not her “true calling.” She had always been interested in finance and decided to switch to the major after taking some lower division classes that she enjoyed. Through these courses, she learned basic financial literacy, which she showcased during her interview with Goldman Sachs.

“They were extremely impressed by the knowledge I exhibited during my interview,” said Vanderslice. “My interviewers were shocked by everything I knew without having obtained my license.”

She also relied on her professors that helped her find companies that would be a good career fit, including the Goldman Sachs position.

“I’m thankful for those professors, because I know I got further in the application process because of them and their connections,” said Vanderslice.

When asked about the advice she would give to students, Vanderslice emphasized focusing on academics and taking advantage of the free resources available on campus.

“My advice for students interested in working at Goldman Sachs is to make sure their major GPA doesn’t drop because GPA is something they take highly into initial consideration,” said Vanderslice. “My advice specifically for students at the Nazarian College is to utilize the free resources provided to you, especially the Center for Career Education and Professional Development. Not only did the staff review my resume and cover letter, they also improved my cover letter writing skills tremendously and gave me the confidence for nailing interview questions.”

About Goldman Sachs Ayco Personal Financial Management

Ayco Personal Financial Management is an industry pioneer and preeminent leader of company-sponsored financial planning benefits. We believe companies best serve their stakeholders and the greater economy when their employees' financial lives are clear, understood and in their control. Ayco offers professionals and recent graduates the opportunity to work in a dynamic culture built on teamwork and commitment to client service. If you are interested in a career at Goldman Sachs, follow Goldman Sachs Ayco Personal Financial Management on LinkedIn and visit www.ayco.com/careers to sign up for alerts.