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5 Questions with the CSUN Nazarian MBA Program

September 16, 2020

5 Questions with the CSUN Nazarian MBA Program by Ryan Nemetz, MetroMBA

In our latest installment of the MetroMBA "5 Questions" series, we speak with Sheila Brown, Assistant Director of Graduate Programs at the Cal State University of Northridge Nazarian MBA Program. 

How does the Nazarian Part-Time MBA program differentiate from other offerings at your school and other programs in the graduate management education space? 

The CSUN Nazarian MBA part-time evening program offers fully-employed professionals the opportunity to invest in their future and secure their careers. Our MBA program is not simply education we offer “to” students, but an educational experience “with” our students. Professionals are admitted to the program because their work experience offers insight into what faculty members teach. Quality students and faculty expertise along with a dedicated MBA office staff create an environment of added value with relevance. CSUN Nazarian MBA program provides working professionals with the knowledge, skills, and abilities they will need to succeed.

What is the typical profile of a student who would benefit most from the Nazarian Part-Time MBA and what characteristics are your admissions team looking for? 

CSUN Nazarian MBA students come from incredibly diverse backgrounds in a variety of industries (list). Most of our students are earning their MBA because they want to invest in themselves and have the desire to understand their current business environment better or offer innovative insights for their current or future position. Our program serves full-time working professionals in their mid-career and future entrepreneurs who see opportunities where others may not. We seek to admit individuals who are prepared, success-oriented, and have a work ethic that can balance their career, personal, and academic lives.

What types of financial aid are available to students? 

The CSUN Nazarian MBA acknowledges that earning a master’s degree can be costly. Although our program is affordable, we still encourage students to take advantage of financial aid services for graduate students (more information found at: https://www.csun.edu/financialaid). Our advice to students is that an MBA is an investment in their future selves.

How does your school assist in finding job opportunities and how does the Nazarian Part-Time MBA enhance a student's profile as a job applicant? 

Career guidance is essential in an MBA program, even a part-time evening program where students are typically working while earning their degree. CSUN Nazarian MBA program offers students personalized professional guidance from career experts. We guide students to develop their social media profiles for building quality professional networks within their current position or for future career intentions.

What is one insider tip you can provide prospective applicants about applying to teh Nazarian Part-Time MBA? 

The CSUN Nazarian MBA program is flexible, offering students a chance to complete their degree at their own pace. Our curriculum allows students to explore current trends in the business environment for relevance and added value in practice. Our personalized attention on our graduate student needs means that advisement is available even prior to admission. Contacting the office for information and an appointment prior to applying is encouraged. Contact us at 818.677.2467 or mba@csun.edu.

Bonus #1: What is one restaurant every student must visit and why? 

Best restaurant on a budget: Senior Sol

What's the best 'hidden secret' on campus?

While wandering on campus, students can find our historical orange grove and a hidden pond with turtles and ducks and our Oasis Center offering sleep pods, massage therapy, acupuncture, and a meditation garden.