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Mission, Vision and Goals


Our faculty and staff improve lives by preparing our diverse student body to realize their academic goals and achieve career success through an innovative and exceptional education.


To transform society by engaging with the global community’s grand challenges.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) - Undergraduate

(All programs, except Economics)

  • SLO1 - Communication: The student will write professional business reports, deliver strong oral presentations, and create effective visual materials. 
  • SLO2 - Critical Thinking/Problem Solving: The student will identify and analyze problems and devise appropriate solutions using qualitative and quantitative techniques. 
  • SLO3 - Ethics: The student will identify ethical dilemmas, analyze them from multiple perspectives, develop solutions, and support their decisions. 
  • SLO4 - Global Context and Diversity: The student will recognize and evaluate the role of diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism in the global business environment. 
  • SLO5 - Cross-Disciplinary Knowledge: The student will demonstrate proficiency in the functional areas of business as well as the ability to synthesize and apply this knowledge across disciplines.

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Our Students:

  • Have strong communication skills
  • Have strong quantitative skills, including the ability to use and interpret economic statistics
  • Be able to express key economic concepts, both intuitively and more formally
  • Understand how a decentralized market economy organizes economic activity, as well as the factors that may impede that process
  • Understand key macroeconomic variables and how fiscal and monetary policies affect them
  • Understand how institutions, government policy, and regulation affect economic growth and the relative wealth of economies

Student Ethical Conduct Pledge

The David Nazarian College of Business and Economics at California State University, Northridge prepares students to be ethical decision makers. The College maintains high standards of ethical conduct that students are expected to maintain throughout their academic and professional careers.


  • Commitment to Excellence in Teaching, Rigorous Academic Research, and Active/Experiential Learning
  • Engagement with and Service to the Community
  • Commitment to Ethics, Justice, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
  • Respect for all People and All Points of View
  • Encouragement of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Collaboration, and Creativity
  • Commitment to Building a More Sustainable Future for All