A Quiet Place

April 6, 2014

CSUN student and Student Recreation Center (SRC) instructor Margaux Permutt helps her fellow Matadors slow down and be mindful.

Meet a Matador - Margaux

Margaux doesn’t like to hurry  except when she’s promoting relaxation. She teaches group and private yoga classes at the SRC.

“I like working at the SRC,” she says. “It makes me feel connected to my community.”

In addition to working on campus, Margaux is earning her master’s in public health and a second bachelor’s in nutrition, dietetics and food science.

She encourages her peers to find an outlet beyond studying, test taking and working.

“Anything to get you moving,” she explains. “Movement not only changes your physical state but your mental and emotional one as well. Moving your body helps you move through the obstacles or challenges in your life.”

Exercise also releases endorphins, which make you feel good. Margaux recommends the SRC for a workout because student memberships are included in the campus fees you pay during class registration. Private SRC classes cost extra for currently enrolled students, but they tend to be heavily discounted. In addition to yoga, the SRC offers Pilates, Zumba, swimming and more.

“There is so much on this campus,” Margaux says. “I encourage students to take advantage of those opportunities. Try different things and find what works for your unique and beautiful body.”

Margaux’s health tip: Find time in your day to quiet your thoughts — a moment to stop talking or listening to anything, even music. Whether it involves sitting, taking a walk, meditating, counting your breaths or focusing on a mantra — which can involve a single word like “peace” or “love” — empty your mind of all other thoughts.

“You’ll feel refreshed, more focused and less stressed,” Margaux says. “Quieting your thoughts boosts your immune system and keeps you from getting sick.”

Margaux loves teaching yoga because it allows people to get to this quiet place.

“Yoga helps people awaken their bodies,” she says. “It leads them to health and harmony.”

Once she graduates from CSUN, Margaux hopes to become a health education program planner and then the owner of a yoga studio café and alternative wellness center.

— Patrick Pagan, communications major, spring 2014