Break out the scissors and glue! These easy and adorable DIY crafts show off your school spirit. And best of all, they’re free!


Pinwheel Thumbnail

Link to download the pinwheel printable template


A plastic straw
A brad, which is a brass fastener or split pin


1. Print and cut out the template.
2. Punch holes in the corners and the center of the template.
3. Pull the corners to the back toward the center and line up the punched holes.
4. Cut 1/8 inch off the straw. Insert the brad in to the straw.
5. Place the straw in to the pinwheel hole. Open the brad and secure the pinwheel.
6. Attach pinwheel to a thin dowel rod.

Book Tags

Book Tag Thumbnail

Link to download the book tag printable template


1. Type your email or phone number in the first blank field using Adobe Reader or write in by hand after Step 2.
2. Print and cut out the tags.
3. Use clear tape to attach a tag to the cover of your textbook.

Tip: Cover the tag completely with clear tape to make sure it doesn’t fall off your book. If you don’t want to use tape, you may tie a string to the tag and use it as a bookmark instead.