• Scene from GREAT EXPECTATIONS. Photo Credit: Kenji Kang
  • Scene from EL NOGALAR. Photo Credit: Kenji Kang
  • Scene from WTF
  • Scene from AS YOU LIKE IT. Photo Credit: Kenji Kang
  • Scene from ANGELS IN AMERICA
  • Scene from FABULATION OR,THE RE-EDUCATION OF UNDINE. Photo Credit: Kenji Kang
  • Scene from IN THE HEIGHTS. Photo credit: Anneka Bunnag

Teaching Credential

The Department of Theatre, in cooperation with the Department of English, offers an Extended Studies in Theatre that can be chosen as part of obtaining an English Credential. Students interested in securing a teaching credential in English should first consult with the English Credential Advisor in the English Department.
The English Subject Matter Option is designed for prospective secondary school English teachers and is a state-approved waiver program. Students receive a BA in English and a single-subject competency waiver by completing the approved coursework with no grade below a C and maintaining a GPA of 2.99 or better; students must also complete the Subject Matter Exit Interview, the English Department’s exit evaluation of single-subject competence. In compliance with state requirements, students must complete 20 hours of daytime Early Field Experience in schools (completed in English 406 and 429).
To be eligible for the credential program in the School of Education, students must also pass the CBEST and complete 45 hours of classroom observation at a school site. Upon completion of coursework adhering to the above requirements and successful completion of the English Subject Matter Exit Interview, students are eligible to enter a traditional credential program in the School of Education. For further information about the single-subject credential in English, consult the Credential Office.
English Subject Matter Option (298)
The English Subject Matter Option combines a 42-unit core with a specified emphasis of 12 units in one of six Extended Study areas. Students should consult with the Subject Matter Advisor before they achieve their junior standing to review their coursework and to choose an emphasis. Transfer students should also see the Subject Matter Advisor as soon as possible for academic advising. Transfer students should review the lower- division GE courses required for this Option.

For additional Information, please contact:
Professor Anamarie Dwyer
(818) 677-3086