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Production Participations


All Theatre Majors are required to complete 4 Upper Division Department Production Participations. Completed assignments should reflect the broad spectrum of theatre production areas, including, but not limited to acting, directing, scenery, costumes, properties, lighting, sound, makeup, technology, management and dramaturgy. Courses that require a production assignment as part of the course (TH 339, 361A, 361B, 362A, 362B, 363A, 363B, 367, 376, 382ABC, 383, 384, 390ABC, 443, 459, 490ABC, 498B, 498C and 498D) will fulfill the production assignment for the semester during which the course is taken. TH 391 carries no unit credit, but validates production participation associated with above courses.

Listed below are links to the basic information for production participation.

Production Assignment Guidelines (.pdf)
This is a breakdown of the various types of positions and a basic listing of what is required for each position.

Production Participation Syllabus (.pdf)

Technical Crew Assignment Dates/Times by Show (.pdf) 
This lists all the calls you are required to be at for a technical position for each show.

Production Assignments (.pdf)
This lists all of the shows this semester, the assignments for those productions, and the people assigned to them. This is not an all inclusive list of assignments that are available, but what are expected to be filled.

Production Participation Application (.pdf) 
This is the form that should be filled out and turned in at the first Department meeting.
You can fill out the PDF version of the form, print it out, and bring it with you to the meeting. You should fill out a separate form for each of the production participation's you are fulfilling this semester. This form should also be used when you are requesting a change from a current assignment.

Evaluation List (.pdf)
This is the list of each supervisor position on a show, who they evaluate, and the form used.