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Night/Day posterNIGHT/DAY

It’s a soiree at the end of the world. Guests leisurely waltz to the tune of nostalgia as the sun begins to dip closer to the horizon. Darkness settles in. And then: eruption. This performance touches on humanity’s curse to a cycle of life and beauty that flourishes in soil of death and chaos.

Contains scenes of nudity, for mature audiences only

Friday - Sunday | September 21-23
Wednesday - Sunday | September 26-30

The Experimental Theatre at Soraya

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A trip is a trip is a trip. And in this trip, hard-rocker Kosmo and his paranoid drug-dealing sidekick, Yahoodi, embark on a peculiar journey that leads them to encounter several pop culture icons and mythical figures, including Marlene Dietrich, Mae West, and Jesse James. Whimsical events turn their initial search for gold into a musical expedition of self-discovery, purpose, meaning, (and treasure).

Friday - Sunday | October 5-7
Wednesday - Sunday | October 10-14

Campus Theatre in Nordhoff Hall

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Living Out posterLIVING OUT

An illegal Salvadoran nanny and her Anglo lawyer boss, both women are hard-working mothers with similar goals and aspirations, so what makes them so different? Could it be that one is rich and the other is poor? Or is it that one is American and the other is an immigrant? An entertaining and thought-provoking comedy ripped from today’s headlines.

Friday - Sunday | October 26-31
Wednesday - Sunday | November 1-4

Little Theatre in Nordhoff Hall

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King Serse, his beloved Romilda and Serse's brother, Arsamene are caught in a love triangle in this comical and tragic, Baroque opera set in 18th century Persia.

Thursday - Sunday | November 15-18

Campus Theatre in Nordhoff Hall

A co-production of the Department of Theatre and the Department of Music.

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