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Recently Backstage Magazine, the actors' national casting/info news weekly, cited Cal State Northridge among the top nine schools in America actually bridging the gap between academia and the "real world" of theatre. Our students interned with stage-management at Julie Taymor's LION KING, at the famed American Conservatory Theatre and with Placido Domingo's Los Angeles Opera. Students have also assisted in casting offices for theatre, television and film and management offices while concurrently in pursuit of their degrees.

That's the "spin" on interning. Now the reality ...

In order to be an intern and receive 1 to 6 units of CSUN credit you must be a Senior (90 units) with a good GPA.

We strive NOT to provide"cheap labor" to the industry. You'll be usually working in your intern position when you're not on campus (most companies are negotiable on this point).

Most internships DO NOT PAY--  your salary is the experience and the connections you'll be making and the units you'll be earning for the papers/ materials you'll be writing.

There are usually more "clerical" type positions (with casting and management offices) than "hands-on" experiencial/in the rehearsal process positions.

Many positions are brought to CSUN through the students involved. However, the department coordinator and intern office usually have positions to fill at the beginning of each semester.

IF YOU ARE (OR ABOUT TO BE) A SENIOR and have a good GPA, visit chair Garry Lennon in the Main Theatre Office for further details.

Internship Coordinator
Professor Garry Lennon, Department Chair
(818) 677-3086