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National Association of Schools of Theatre

NAST, founded in 1965, establishes national standards for undergraduate and graduate degrees and other credentials. It is the national accrediting agency for theatre and theatre-related disciplines.

NAST is an association of approximately 150 schools of theatre, primarily at the collegiate level, but also including postsecondary non-degree-granting schools of theatre.

The Association also provides information to the public. It produces statistical research, provides professional development for leaders of theatre schools, and engages in policy analysis.

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CSUN Theatre Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Department of Theatre at California State University, Northridge encourages active engagement in the art form inspired by and expressive of diverse perspectives.  We pursue an ever-evolving definition of theatre in an environment that nurtures creativity.


The vision for CSU Northridge Department of Theatre is an academic, creative and vibrant environment where theatre in process and production inspires the student of theatre and embraces the surrounding community to consider, reflect and possibly recreate the world.

·        We will serve as a resource to the community in the area of theatre arts instruction and support theatre in our schools at all grade levels.

·        We will produce exemplary theatre production for the San Fernando Valley and surrounding Los Angeles community as we consistently evolve a dynamic definition of theatre.

·         We will provide exemplary theatre arts instruction that is innovative, hands-on and collaborative.

Core Values

1. We believe theater is a cultural imperative and champion all forms of expression.


2. We value the struggle to understand humanity through artists and their art.


3. We embrace tradition and expect innovation.


4. We seek inspiration, celebrate imagination, and encourage creativity.


5. We take responsibility for a constructive environment for all, fostering safety,

     respect, and risk-taking.


6. We aspire to produce theater that is reflective of our society, our teachings, and