• Scene from GREAT EXPECTATIONS. Photo Credit: Kenji Kang
  • Scene from EL NOGALAR. Photo Credit: Kenji Kang
  • Scene from WTF
  • Scene from AS YOU LIKE IT. Photo Credit: Kenji Kang
  • Scene from ANGELS IN AMERICA
  • Scene from FABULATION OR,THE RE-EDUCATION OF UNDINE. Photo Credit: Kenji Kang
  • Scene from IN THE HEIGHTS. Photo credit: Anneka Bunnag

Ah-Jeong Kim

Ah Jeong Kim
Office location:
NH 132


Ah-jeong Kim is a Professor of Theatre History in the Department of Theatre at CSUN. Her research focuses on intercultural theatre, Asian theatre, and theatre history. Kim's book, The Metacultural Theatre of Oh Tae-sok (1999) received the 2001 Korean Literature Translation Award in Korea. Over the past 13 years Kim has conducted workshops and given papers in Korea, China, England, and the Netherlands. Most recently, she led symposia and gave lectures at The Soho Experimental Theatre (2003), The British Museum (2004), Theatre Museum (2005), Asia House (2006) in London. In 2006 she worked at the Barbican Centre, Europe’s largest multi-arts and conference venue, as dramaturg and translator for the production of Romeo and Juliet by a leading Korean theatre group, Mokhwa Repertory Company under the direction of Oh Tae-sok. She conducted theatre workshops with Master Oh for students at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art). 10 of CSUN’s honor students were also in attendance. Her current research project involves a book entitled Shamans in Contemporary Korean Theatre commissioned by Routledge Publishing, forthcoming 2008. Kim serves as the Department honors advisor and the director of the MA program.